The 10 Modern Rules Of Being A Great Girlfriend

The dating world is constantly changing, and while we still put up with a fair amount of BS from guys, we’re also in a way better position when it comes to equality in our relationships. Being a great girlfriend in 2018 isn’t about cooking for and cleaning up after your guy—it’s more about meeting these requirements.

You have your own money.

Gone are the days of most guys being perfectly happy to have a stay-at-home wife or mother. Things have never been more competitive, economically speaking. While you don’t have to be a mogul, you do need to have a job/a consistent way to make moey. You don’t want a guy to look at you and automatically see the cost of supporting you for the rest of his life. If you’re going to be a great girlfriend and one day become a great wife, you have to have financial independence. That’s good for you and your relationship.

You’re willing to pay your way.

 Having your own money isn’t about splitting all costs in half—I know a lot of men that are perfectly happy to pay for things. What they aren’t excited to do is shoulder the burden of paying for everything. Being treated to a thoughtful gift or a meal out is a lovely gesture, but it shouldn’t be one-way. You shouldn’t hesitate to pony up the cash sometimes too.

You give great advice.

Men aren’t just looking for supportive women—they want someone that can truly partner with them in their everyday lives. When your guy is feeling miserable at his job, he’s not just looking for pity and a good massage (though those are perks). He wants you to give him helpful suggestions that show you really care and have thought about what he’s said. Whether or not he follows your advice isn’t essential—what really matters is him feeling like you’re a true partner.

You’re your own person.

 A few decades ago, a good girlfriend was a woman who didn’t have opinions of her own—and if she did, then she hid them and molded herself into her guy’s perfect idea of a woman. That’s no longer the case, thankfully. Men want women with personality and they like to be challenged, to have their horizons broadened. Why? It keeps things interesting. Do yourself a favor and stop changing who you are based on who you’re with.

You’re open to new experiences.

With the development of technology and transportation, experiences have become the modern luxury of our time. You no longer have to stay in one place and do one thing. With fast transport and the internet, you could experience things that are thousands of miles away with a few clicks. The catch is that you have to be open to these new experiences. Not only will it keep your relationship fun but it’s bound to make you happy too. Go ahead and do something you’re afraid of!

You’re sexually adventurous.

 You don’t have to be willing to do anything and everything to be a good girlfriend, but you do have to be open to talking about new things that your guy might want to try in the bedroom. And every once in a while, you should jump in and give something that you’re on the fence about a try. You never know how you feel about things otherwise, right?

You play the long game.

Yes, I’m talking about marriage. Most men don’t want to settle until they’re making the kind of money they want to be making. It’s an ego thing. They want to be able to give their wives and families everything they want. If you lock this in, then you’ll be a lot happier and so will your guy. Besides, a modern woman knows she doesn’t need a ring to be valuable—and if it’s important to her, she’ll ask for it and either get it or move on.

You’re truly independent.

Gone are the days of couples spending every waking moment together. Now more than ever, human beings cherish their independence. There’s so much to do and experience and we don’t always want to do it with the same person. Great modern girlfriends are independent. That means that they have their own friends and hobbies and that they enjoy a little “me time.” No one wants to feel attached at the hip at all times. Even the most codependent couples I’ve met always do better with a bit of a break.

You’re OK with being single.

Guys respect nothing more than a woman that’s more than ready to leave him at any point for the right reason. They don’t just put up with these kinds of women, they cherish them. Men are biologically wired to enjoy a chase. If he gets you and knows that there’s almost nothing he could do to lose you, that dulls his desire to keep you. A woman that understands and makes it clear to her guy that she doesn’t need him is a major turn-on. More than that, this woman keeps her guy on her toes, and if things should go south, then she’ll leave, no questions asked. Is there a better way to live and love?

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