This Mom And Her Adult Daughter Still Shower Together Every Day

This Mom And Her Adult Daughter Still Shower Together Every Day TLC

The relationship between parents and children can be weird and pretty intense sometimes, but sometimes they’re potentially seriously messed up. Many people believe that’s definitely the case with Mary and Brittani, a mom/daughter duo featured on TLC’s new show sMothered who admitted that they still shower together daily despite the fact that Brittani is a grown woman.

  1. Mary and Brittani are extremely close. From the sounds of it, they may be a little too close. From the preview clip for the episode, the pair from Jensen Beach, Florida can be seen showering together, with Mary washing her daughter’s hair. “I have been taking showers and helping Brittani since she was five,” Mary explains. “The best way to start our day is in the shower.” Yikes.
  2. It seems innocent enough but it’s a little weird. In the clip, Mary washes Brittani’s hair and says, “You need to tan or something, honey. You’re so pale.” She also comments on how nice the water is, saying, “Ah, that feels so good.” That’s more than a little creepy, don’t you think?
  3. Mary doesn’t think showering with her adult daughter is an issue. “I love her, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t believe I set out to have a relationship this close to Brittani, it’s something that was supposed to be,” she says. In fact, Brittani agrees, adding, “When my mom does simple things like washing my hair or my body, it makes me feel comforted. Plus, I’m only 19, I haven’t moved away. If that was the case, she would probably die from separation anxiety.”
  4. It all started because Brittani had panic attacks because of the hot water apparently. Talking to the New York Post about the bond she shares with her daughter, Mary revealed, “That’s kind of how I started getting in the shower with her, just to comfort her because she would freak out. That grew into an every-other-day thing. When she was smaller, it was every day.” Something tells me that’s an issue that should be dealt with by a therapist, not your mom showering with you.
  5. Mary’s boyfriend isn’t pleased. He wants the weird behavior between the pair to stop and for Brittani to think about moving out, but Mary’s not willing to budge. “It has caused some issues in my relationship, but he’s got to accept it. That’s how it is. He knows I love him, but I love my daughter more – she’s my life.”

sMothered airs on TLC.

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