Furious Mom Confronts School Bus Driver Who Makes Her Kids Cry Every Day

An angry mom decided enough was enough and confronted a school bus driver she said makes her kids cry on a daily basis. TikTok user @cassahfrass1 said that her kids were coming home from school every day crying because the bus driver had reportedly yelled at them. That obviously concerned the mom, so she decided to take matters into her own hand and speak to the bus driver herself. The result was rather unexpected.


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The mom started filming as soon as she got to the bus. As the kids board the bus, Cass calls out, “Please don’t yell at my kids today!” However, the bus driver immediately responds, insisting that she doesn’t yell at the kids. However, the kids’ mom isn’t buying it and again insists that she does yell.

The bus driver isn’t happy about being called out. After Cass again insists that the driver yells at the kids and she wants the behavior to stop, the driver says, “You shut your mouth!” as she points at Cass while giving masks out to the kids. Cass then asks the driver who she thinks she is and the driver repeats the question. Oh dear, things are getting heated!

Cass then repeats her pleas for the driver not to shout at the kids. However, it falls upon deaf ears as the driver responds, “How dare you tell me not to tell at your kids?!” before slamming the door in Cass’s face and driving off. She may or may not give Cass the middle finger as she’s pulling away.

Cass revealed further details in follow-up videos. In one clip, she reveals that the kids say the driver doesn’t just yell at them, she grabs her son’s arm to push him into his seat and even calls Cass’s daughter an a**hole to her face. Cass added that she’s contacted the school district as well as the bus company but no one seems to be doing anything.

Cass isn’t going to give up easily. While no action has been taken against the bus driver, Cass has continued to talk about the driver’s actions online and even to local news affiliates. She’s received mixed responses to her complaints, which many parents standing behind her while others have told her there’s no proof of the driver yelling at the kids and that Cass should let the driver do her job. What do you think?


♬ original sound – cassahfrass1

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