Mom Criticized For ‘Saving Money’ By Buying 60 Chocolate Bars For Her 2 Kids For Easter

A mom on Facebook who’s always looking for money-saving hacks has drawn criticism after revealing her trick for getting her kids’ Easter candy on Facebook. The woman, from Queensland in Australia, said that she bought 60 Cadbury chocolate bars, 30 each for her two pre-teen children, to hand over on Easter morning. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that didn’t go over very well.

“When they were little, I could easily spend $200+ on each of them and get very little actual chocolate, plus they rarely enjoyed the Easter chocolate and I ended up spending months trying to figure out what to cook with all of the leftover chocolate,” she wrote, per The Daily Mail. “Now that they are older, I wait until blocks of Cadbury chocolate are on special in the weeks before Easter and spend whatever my budget is on their favourite flavours.”

As many people pointed out, kids certainly don’t need 30 bars of chocolate, regardless of how cheap they were. They took to the comments to point out how excessive the purchase was and to say that she’d clearly gone overboard.

Is it possible to have too much Easter chocolate?

“That’s a lot of chocolate! I probably spend about $30 per kid & that’s still a lot of chocolate for my kiddos,” one person said. Another wrote: “30 blocks each!!!!! Wowza when I was growing up, I’d think one block was huge.” A third remarked: “My kids get pajamas. No offence but $100 budget eacho n Easter.. Wow.”

However, the mom was unmoved and basically accused everyone of being haters. After seeing so many negative comments flooding in, she returned to the post to respond.

“So sad to see so much negativity around what other families choose to do. I hope you all have a happy Easter, no matter what your budget and traditions are!” she wrote. “The idea wasn’t to compare what families consider normal or acceptable, just a way to share that whether your budget is $20 or $200, this is a great way to get more value for your dollar.”

The mom went on to say that her two kids always share their chocolate with their friends and cousins and that they’re “great at limiting themselves” with sweets. That seems like wishful thinking, but hey, what do we know?

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