GoFundMe Started For Mom After 4-Year-Old Son Orders $2,600 Worth Of Sponge Bob Popsicles On Amazon

If you have kids, chances are you’re well aware that they can get up to mischief when you’re not watching them. However, usually that mischief doesn’t cost $2,619. However, that’s exactly how much Brooklyn resident Jennifer Bryant was out of pocket after her 4-year-old son ordered a whopping 918 SpongeBob SquarePants popsicles from Amazon. As she couldn’t return them even though they were ordered by mistake and didn’t have money to pay for them, a family friend, Katie Schloss, decided to start a GoFundMe to recoup the funds. It worked – and then some!

  1. Bryant is a busy mom for whom money is tight. As Schloss stated on the GoFundMe page, Bryant is a busy mom of three who’s also studying social work at NYU and she doesn’t have any extra money to spare. For obvious reasons, the popsicles were nonrefundable and therefore she was stuck with having to cover the giant popsicle bill.
  2. Noah’s stunt was cute but just not affordable. “Meet 4-year-old Noah from Brooklyn, NY who loves SpongeBob sooo much that he managed to purchase $2,618.85 worth of SpongeBob popsicles from Amazon and had them sent to his Auntie’s house. If you are wondering, that’s 51 cases, containing 918 popsicles,” Schloss wrote. “As truly adorable as this story is, Jennifer Bryant, Noah’s mom, is a social work student at NYU and simply cannot afford this. Amazon will not take back the posicles, and Ms. Bryant, mom to 3 boys, doesn’t know how she’s going to be able to pay this off in addition to student loans and all of her family’s other expenses.”
  3. The GoFundMe sought to recoup the $2,619 Noah spent on the popsicles. The fundraiser went live on Monday and quickly started pulling in donations. At the time of writing on Saturday morning, a whopping $15,216 has been donated, well above the original goal.
  4. The extra money will go to helping Noah out in other ways. “Thank you SO much for your mind-blowing generosity and support,” Schloss wrote in an update note on GoFundMe. “As a child living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), all future donations will go towards Noah’s education and additional supports. We cannot thank you enough. Truly.” If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.
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