Mom Hosts ‘Period Party’ For Young Girls To Teach Them About Menstruation And Make It Less Taboo

Girls are starting their period at really young ages these days – anywhere between the ages of 10 and 15, some even younger than that. However, it seems like there isn’t much information being taught about menstruation in school health classes or Sex Ed, other than the fact that they exist, which means many girls and young women are left confused, without answers, and feeling like they can’t bring it up. That’s why one mom has decided to break the taboo and host a period party.

  1. Shanicia Boswell is changing the game. When her own 6-year-old daughter Kamryn began asking about periods, Shanicia was inspired to ensure that all girls felt they had the answers to all their questions about the subject. They filmed a video which they later uploaded online in which they discuss menstruation in detail and Shanicia opens up a dialogue so that her daughter can express her thoughts and feelings. “We have this video online where I’m explaining to her what a period is, and she’s telling me what she thinks,” Shanicia told The Today Show. “And I realized that this is just something that we don’t talk about — our menstrual cycles. We still go to the grocery store to buy pads and tampons, and we’ll hide the box of pads.”
  2. She wants to end period poverty. After having the discussion with her daughter, Shanicia also realized that much of the issue behind period poverty is a lack of education and access, and enough is enough. “The female period has been stigmatized for so many years. It’s something that we’ve had to hide, and almost be made to be ashamed of,” she said.
  3. The ‘Period Party’ is exactly what we need. The event is comprised of a panel of experts who discuss all aspects of menstruation, sharing period tips and advice and answering questions that many girls and women have had but maybe have felt too embarrassed to ask. Women’s reproductive anatomy is also discussed in frank ways. “A lot of women have had very negative experiences with their menstrual cycles just because they were never told about them. They don’t know about their bodies,” Shanicia explained.
  4. These events should go a long way in helping girls feel better about themselves and their bodies. That’s Shanicia’s aim, and something she’s not giving up on. “I created the Period Party for young girls so that they could grow up having a positive experience with the menstrual cycles,” she said. This is so great!

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