Mom Insists Men Are ‘100% Responsible For Unwanted Pregnancies’ In Viral Tweet Thread

A mother of six from California has insisted in a now-viral Twitter thread that unwanted pregnancies are 100% men’s fault. Gabrielle Blair, a 44-year-old Mormon who lives in Oakland, laid out the evidence to support her theory in a series of 63 messages that put forward several bold claims, including that “men have no interest in stopping abortion” and that they’re to blame for all accidental conceptions. To be honest, she kind of has a point.

  1. Pregnancy takes two, but only “intentional” pregnancies. Blair says that intentional pregnancies take the efforts and consent of both partners, but that unwanted pregnancy only takes one person, in this case, the guy. This all comes down to the “irresponsible ejaculations of men” since women have a very limited window in which they can get pregnant, both in terms of fertile days per month and fertile years of their lives. However, men can impregnate women 365 days a year for most of their lives. “In fact, if you’re a man who ejaculates multiple times a day, you could cause multiple pregnancies daily. In theory, a man could cause 1000+ unwanted pregnancies in just one year,” she wrote.
  2. Women taking birth control isn’t enough. While Blair calls birth control “possibly the greatest invention of the last century,” she admits that the side effects can be “extremely harmful” and even “brutal” in some cases. Oral birth control for men was created but never approved because of the side effects, which were reportedly not even half as bad as the female version. If a woman does want to taek birth control, it can be expensive and requires a prescription. Not to mention that lots of crusty old men are fighting insurance companies to make it even more expensive.
  3. Sadly, men don’t love condoms. While condoms don’t 100% guarantee that a woman doesn’t get pregnant, they certainly help. Not only that, but they prevent the spread of STDs and don’t keep women from getting off. Oh, and cleanup is easier too, Blair points out. The problem? “Men don’t love condoms. In fact, men frequently pressure women to have sex without a condom. And it’s not unheard of for men to remove the condom during sex, without the woman’s permission or knowledge.” They’re willing to risk a woman’s safety, health, relationships, and career so they can feel “slightly” more pleasure while having sex.
  4. Getting a woman pregnant is pleasurable for men. Blair points out that men have to ejaculate, AKA have an orgasm, in order to get a woman pregnant, making it a pleasurable experience. Meanwhile, a woman can get pregnant “without HER feeling any pleasure at all.” In fact, it can happen while she’s experiencing “excruciating pain, trauma, or horror.”
  5. The system needs to change. Blair goes on to say that women can have sex with as many partners as they want and be considered “sluts” and still never get pregnant if she’s using birth control and acting responsibly… unless a man ejaculates irresponsibly. Instead of protesting at abortion clinics and blaming women for being stuck with a child they never asked for, why aren’t men looked at and held responsible? As she also suggests, a whopping 61% of men ordered to pay child support don’t do it, so they never have to face up to their part in the transaction.

For the full thread, which is full of interesting ideas, read it over on Twitter HERE.

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