Mom Uses Nerf Gun To Keep Husband Awake In Hospital Delivery Room

Giving birth can be a lengthy, painful, and exhausting process, with many hours spent in the hospital just waiting and pushing and working to bring a beautiful new baby into the world. A mom of three from Wisconsin, however, wasn’t going to let her husband sleep on the job, so she brought a Nerf gun to the delivery room with her to ensure he stayed awake.

  1. Samantha Mravik-Miller is a hero. She and her husband already have two kids together, an 11-year-old and a 5-year-old. Knowing his ability to catch some shut-eye regardless of the situation — Samantha told Romper that after the birth of her 5-year-old, her husband ‘slept through him crying in the hospital’ — she came prepared this time with the Nerf gun in her hospital bag. After all, last time she tried throwing an empty water bottle at him and this would ensure she had better aim.
  2. She shared her “mom hack” on Facebook last month. Samantha posted a photo taken from her bed in the delivery room holding the Nerf gun on Facebook in December 2019, captioning it, “Mom hack level 1,0000. Worried about the nights in the hospital with your newborn & dad sleeping? Well… then don’t forget one of these in your hospital bag.”
  3. The post immediately went viral. At the time of writing, the post has over 2.6K likes, 8.6K comments, and 16K shares, showing just how many moms can relate to Samantha’s experience. In fact, I think she may have inspired some moms-to-be when it comes to what they end up packing in their own hospital bags.
  4. Ultimately, the gun didn’t get used. When her husband found it in her bag, he was shocked to see that Samantha actually packed a Nerf gun to bring to the hospital with her. “What the heck, did you bring a Nerf gun?” he asked her. Her reply? “Better sleep with one eye open.” Brilliant!


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