Mom Bans Father From Meeting His New Daughter After He Missed Baby’s Birth Because He Was Cheating

An angry and heartbroken mom has refused to let her newborn daughter’s father meet the baby after he missed the birth because he was busy cheating with his female best friend. The mom took to Reddit’s AITA sub to explain that while she never had an issue with her husband’s friendship with the woman as they’d known one another for years, things came to a head when she went into labor and her husband wasn’t there because he was with the other woman.

  1. Yes, her husband and his female best friend used to date. However, their relationship was supposedly long over and they decided between themselves that they were better off as friends. Fair enough – I feel like that happens a lot. However, it’s clear there was much more to the story and they hadn’t closed the door on their romantic relationship at all.
  2. On the day the woman was giving birth, the best friend had an emergency. As OP explained, her husband’s best friend’s brother got into a car accident and called her husband asking if he could drive her to the hospital where her brother was being treated because she was “too scared to drive.” He agreed and “told me quickly while I was half-asleep and rushed out,” according to the wife.
  3. A few hours later, her husband still wasn’t back and the wife was going into labor. After ringing her husband repeatedly only to get his voicemail, she eventually called her dad to take her to the hospital. “I was so scared of giving birth alone since I’ve had about three miscarriages and one stillborn. My husband promised me that no matter what, he’d be there for me. Guess what? He wasn’t,” she wrote. She added that they kept trying to call her husband to no avail, and when they finally got a hold of him when she was in labor, he claimed he’d “misplaced his phone in the chaos.”
  4. Her husband took several hours to reach her and by that point, it was too late. OP revealed that her father told her husband that he could never drive fast enough to be there for the birth of his child, and instead of rushing to get there ASAP, he instead decided to take his time and turn up whenever he could be bothered. “My husband took that as ‘he’s already screwed up, so it doesn’t matter when he shows up at this point’ so when he FINALLY came, our daughter was about five hours old and I’d already moved to the maternity ward,” she wrote.
  5. When he finally turned up, OP didn’t let him meet his daughter. And too right she was! “I was so high on emotions and was shaking when I saw him and didn’t want it negatively affect my time with the baby,” she shared. “I wanted her birth to be a happy time and I was already struggling to feed her.” She did eventually relent and hold the baby up to the window so he could see her, but that’s where it ended. “I told him to then leave and he’ll be allowed to interact with the baby at my father’s home when we’re both well and out of the hospital and that I was most likely divorcing him,” she added.
  6. Her husband tried to defend himself. He said he was devastated that he’d missed the birth of his first child but that his best friend “needed him.” That same best friend later called OP to tell her she was being “controlling.” It was that call that made OP wonder if she was in the wrong for her decision. However, pretty much everyone was on her side and pointed out that best friend or otherwise, it’s not normal for a husband to leave his 9-month pregnant wife all night.
  7. Eventually, her husband’s best friend’s brother confirmed what she already knew. After calling him to see how he was getting on after his accident, which is when her worst fears were confirmed. “He asked about me and the baby and how I was doing with the split and if I was okay with my husband and … [Best Friend],” she wrote. And to make matters worse, the best friend’s whole family knew about it! She added: “He showed up at the hospital as [Best Friend’s] boyfriend which is why they didn’t bat an eye that he was there and not with his pregnant wife. Because apparently we split.” Not only that, but the best friend’s brother’s procedures happened hours before her husband took off to hang out with his best friend, so it’s pretty clear what he was doing while his wife was in labor.
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