Mom Shares Video Of ‘Possessed’ Daughter After Her Drink Was Spiked During First Night Out At Club

Sadly, as women, we all know the dangers of having our drinks spiked (among other things) when we go out to our local bar, club, or even a party at a friend’s house. However, even those who take the greatest precautions can still become victims of vile predators, as one young girl recently discovered. A devastated mother has shared a video of 18-year-old Millie Tapland in a “possessed” state after a man spiked her drink with two different drinks during her very first night out to a local club, and it’s heartbreaking and scary.

Warning: this video contains content some may find disturbing.

  1. Millie was visiting a club to celebrate turning 18. Millie, from Essex in the UK, went out to Moo Moo nightclub for the very first time one weekend as she’d only recently reached legal age. However, the experience became memorable in the very worst way not long after she arrived.
  2. She met a man who spiked her drink. Millie struck up a conversation with a guy who offered her a drink, reportedly saying “try this” as he handed the glass over. However, after taking a couple of sips, she stopped because she “didn’t like it because it was really strong.” A few minutes later, she started feeling extremely ill.
  3. Millie knew that something really wasn’t right. Talking to The Mirror, Millie’s mom Claire said: “She knew she wasn’t feeling drunk, she knew it wasn’t right. She was sick and she couldn’t see, she couldn’t walk.” Millie herself told Your Southend that she “couldn’t feel her hands” and added: “I knew that I wasn’t right, I was trying to speak and was stuttering and mumbling.”
  4. Thankfully, Millie was able to get help at the local hospital. After her friends alerted Millie’s sister, Millie was taken to the emergency room during the early hours of July 31. Her mom arrived soon after and took a video of the terrifying state Millie was in when she arrived.
  5. Millie’s reaction to the drugs she was given was extreme. Claire revealed that her daughter’s hands were bent “like claws” and that she “looked possessed,” calling the experience “absolutely horrendous.” The devastated mom said that she’d “never seen anything like it in [her] life.” That must have been so hard to deal with. She added: “The thing that destroyed me was she knew everything that was going on but she was frozen. When I made contact with her I could see that she was there, she was trying to [make] eye contact with me but she couldn’t speak.”
  6. Turns out, she’d been spiked with two different drugs. Tests later revealed that the man had spiked Millie with two drugs: “one to paralyze and one to knock her out.” Thankfully, she slowly came back to her usual self three to four hours later and was discharged from hospital not long after. She was “completely out of it” for the rest of the day but has made a full recovery since.
  7. Claire wants people to see the video. While she admits that the content is “disturbing,” she said that if it “saves one girl, just one, then it’s worth sharing.”
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