Mom Shocked At Inappropriate Detail On Peppa Pig Plate She Bought For Her Daughter

A mom from the Netherlands was horrified to discover that the Peppa Pig dinner set she ordered for her two-year-old daughter was completely inappropriate. Maggy Van Eijk knew her little girl would be thrilled with seeing the beloved character when eating her meals, but when the plates and cups arrived, Van Eijk couldn’t believe what she saw.

  1. The plates and cups were covered with the word “groin.” While it’s pretty unlikely that a 2-year-old would be able to read the word or even know what groin means, needless to say, it’s pretty inappropriate for a child, wouldn’t you say?
  2. She’d accidentally ordered the French version of the set. While you would expect for a Peppa Pig dinner set to have words of some kind around the edge, maybe something like “Oink!” or the like, you don’t expect “groin.” Incidentally, Van Eijk discovered that she ordered a French set, and “groin” in French means “pig’s snout.” Ah, that explains it!
  3. Van Eijk shared a photo of the set with her Twitter followers. “My kid just unwrapped her new Peppa dinner set and I accidentally ordered a French version,” she wrote alongside a photo of the set. “Now it says groin groin groin all over the plates and cup.” Needless to say, her followers got a real kick out of it.
  4. Of course, her daughter still loves the set as it is. As Van Eijk told The Evening Standard, “She turned two so she has literally no idea what it says, thank God.” Look’s like all’s well that ends well!
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