Mom Gets Hilarious Text From Neighbor: “Your Son Is Naked In Your Window”

Anyone who has small children knows just how hard it can be to get even a few minutes to yourself to perform basic tasks like going to the bathroom and taking a shower. Jeni Boysen, a mom from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, thought she was in the clear to quickly get clean while her 2-year-old son Dax was occupied watching Peppa Pig in the other room. However, she soon realized Dax had other plans.

  1. Dax got bored with the TV pretty quickly. Jeni couldn’t have been in the shower for longer than a few minutes, but in that time, Dax decided he was over Peppa Pig, took of all his clothes, and decided to show his wares to the entire neighborhood by standing in the window buck-naked. 😮
  2. Jeni’s neighbor alerted her to Dax’s show. When she got out of the shower, she saw a neighbor had texted her with the message “Your son is naked in your window” along with a photo of Dax. “I looked up when I got home and there he was,” the neighbor added. Needless to say, Jeni nearly collapsed with laughter.
  3. Well, that was unexpected! Sharing the photo (edited, of course) on her Facebook page, Jeni wrote, “Sometimes you think you’re doing okay at life and then you get a message like this from a neighbor. I just cried I laughed so hard. This is exactly the laughter I needed tonight.”
  4. The post immediately went viral. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before Jeni’s post went viral across Facebook. Since posting on February 3, she’s garnered more than 43,000 likes and 155,000 shares, likely largely from parents who know just how weird kids can be and who will have gotten a kick out of this for sure.
  5. Hopefully Dax learns to keep his clothes on when in the windows. As hilarious as this was and as understanding as the neighbor was at just how wacky kids can be, it’s probably better if he keeps his clothes on when looking out, haha!


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