Why Money Never Impresses Women Who Have Their Act Together

When you’re busy killing it on your own, you don’t need someone to pay your way — and it can be a huge turn off when a guy presumes that you care about how big his wallet it. So guys, those of us who have our act together aren’t impressed by your money… We want you to bring something much more than that to the table.

We hustle the same way you do.

We’re already working hard to earn what we have and we don’t need men to come around just so we can throw in the towel and give up on our own hopes and dreams. We don’t need someone to “save us” from being independent and taking care of ourselves — we genuinely enjoy relying on ourselves to thrive in life.

We have bank accounts of our own.

Beyonce said it best — the shoes on our feet, houses we live in and cars we’re driving we got because we depended on ourselves. If we wanted someone to pay our way in life, we would have made it so, but we find more happiness and accomplishment in getting stuff done on our own.

We’re not materialistic.

We don’t care what kind of car you have, what you can buy us or how many lobster dinners and bottles of Dom Perignon you can wow us with. When we want something, we buy it ourselves. It’s a perk of having hard-earned money of our own.

We appreciate quality, not quantity.

Why do guys with money automatically assume it means they’re more worthy of attention? Your worth proves exactly nothing about who you are inside. If you think a woman with her act together is going to swoon over the fact that you can pay for everything we need in life, you’re delusional. Money doesn’t buy happiness and it definitely doesn’t buy us when we’re already bossing our lives without you.

Most men with money have enormous egos, and it’s gross.

Unfortunately, men with money seem to shout it from the rooftop and have an annoyingly arrogant sense of entitlement because they have a big bank account. This actually comes across as annoying to those of us handling stuff ourselves. There’s no need to think you’re a better person with more to offer because your account balance says so. You can have a lot of money and still be a crappy person inside — and we’re not interested in any of it.

We went out and made our own lives.

If we wanted a guy to take care of us, we would have him. Instead, we chose to chase other goals. We chose to chase careers, independence, self-reliance and self-love instead. While you were busy making your fortune, so were we, so show us something different. Show us what you’re worth on the inside, because we don’t give a damn what you earn.

We don’t want to feel owned.

A lot of the times, a guy who has money and picks up the financial slack secretly looks down on the woman in his life for not providing the same and in turn treats her like property instead of as a partner in life. It’s really crappy that some guys operate this way, but it’s a reality. We can’t be controlled in this way because we already have our own thing going on and we don’t need you.

We want more than what money can buy.

We’re really not sure why guys herald their financial success as a way of proving they deserve love in their lives when love has nothing to do with money or success. The real success in life is being able to love someone for who they are on the inside, not based on what they can offer you on the outside. We’ll never put you on a pedestal for your dollars and cents, because we’re too busy standing on our own pedestal that we made for ourselves. If you want to impress us, do it from somewhere inside, because we don’t care about your money.

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