Motorist Caught ‘Playing Flute With Both Hands’ While Driving, Police Say

A motorist was charged by Halton Regional Police after they were caught driving while playing a flute with both hands. A post on the force’s Twitter account revealed that officers were conducting distracted driving enforcement on Wednesday when the driver in question was caught.

The officer on the scene expected to see the driver on a cell phone. However, when they pulled the motorist over, they were shocked to see that the driver had actually been playing a flute with both hands.

The driver was really getting into it. According to police, the driver was following along to a song on an iPod while playing their flute. “A little surprised to find the driver playing his flute with both hands and following along to an iPod while driving! Charged!!” the Twitter post read.

Flutes and driving don’t mix! While you would assume that it’s common sense that playing a musical instrument while driving a car is a really bad idea, this driver obviously didn’t think there was an issue with that. They put themselves and others on the road in danger, and for what? Here’s hoping they’ve learned their lesson and will keep the music for when they’re parked.

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