Mountain Dew’s Major Melon Is Now On Shelves, So 2021 Is Going To Be A Great Year

Mountain Dew’s Major Melon Is Now On Shelves, So 2021 Is Going To Be A Great Year Instagram/i_need_a_snack_

We’ve all been talking about the possible release of a watermelon-flavored Mountain Dew for months, and I started to believe it was just a myth that would never become reality. Thankfully, 2020 has decided to give us a final gift on its way out and Mountain Dew Major Melon is now available to buy in stores! It was a long time coming but it’s finally here!

  1. Thankfully, this is a permanent addition to the lineup. While you would expect Major Melon to be a limited edition flavor, that’s not the case here! You’ll be able to get this delicious variety of Mountain Dew forever and always because it’s a permanent part of the range right off the bat. The news just keeps getting better!
  2. It was originally scheduled for a January 2021 release. We first caught wind of the news that this delicious flavor was coming back in September, but the release date was tentatively scheduled for the new year. However, now that it’s been spotted on shelves around the country, it seems we can get a hold of it a little early!
  3. Mountain Dew Major Melon is bigtime summer vibes. What flavor says summer better than watermelon? None! It may be freezing cold and pretty gross outsider right now and for the next couple of months, but we can kinda forget all of that and look forward to warmer, brighter days with this. Plus, not only does it taste summery but it’s bright pink, to boot.
  4. It’s available in bottles or cans, so take your pick! While you may have to wait a couple of weeks for your local store to get stock of this delicious drink, it’s coming! It’ll be available in both single and multipack cans as well as bottles of various sizes, so there’s something for everyone. This just might overtake regular Mountain Dew in my book!

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