It’s So Much Easier For Me To Be Friends With Guys & I’m Okay With That

I really enjoy the friendships that I’ve made with other women, but the bonds I celebrate most are the ones I share with my guy friends. It’s not that I don’t enjoy having female friendships, but this is why my dudes are some of the most special people in my life:

  1. They’re drama-free. Ever notice that guys don’t fight with each other? And when they do it’s not over stupid crap. It’s awesome. We can hang out and there’s never any drama. Guys don’t analyze every move someone makes or every word someone says. I never leave the group worried that they’re going to start talking about me behind my back.
  2. They don’t care how I look. I don’t have to get all done-up to hang out with my guy friends. There’s no judgment about my appearance. The best part is that if I do look good, I trust their opinion, and if it’s time for me to wash my hair and get it together, I’m okay with them saying so. Many girls put way too much emphasis on personal appearance, but does it really matter? It makes no difference to me if your hair is messy or if you’re wearing the same shirt as yesterday — that’s not who you are inside. Besides, if you say skinny jeans and a push-up bra are more comfortable than sweats and a hoodie, you’re lying.
  3. I’m always laughing when I’m with them. Lots of men are goofy, awkward, and funny. With my guy friends, I’m always guaranteed to have a good time. I can be myself because doing stupid stuff or making silly jokes fits in perfectly with how they behave. I don’t have to worry about making a fool of myself.
  4. I like being the “mom” of the group. I love having people over, hosting and cooking. I’m usually the one in the group who makes the plans, so one of my favorite things is having the guys over for a night of drunken card games or even just to watch a movie. Everyone wins — I get to entertain, and they get to eat yummy food.
  5. I always have a drinking buddy. I like to drink. Specifically, I like to drink beer. Nothing sounds better to me than a cold brew on a Friday after a long work week, but not all my female friends always agree. I always have someone to call who’s down to meet me for happy hour. I don’t have to count my calories or worry about getting a little sloppy; I can just enjoy myself and unwind when I’m with the guys.
  6. I feel like I can be honest. If one of my guy friends is being annoying or getting on my nerves, I can just tell him. I don’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. My girlfriends are great, but they have a tendency to take things a bit too personally. But when I’m with “my boys”, I can be my normal, blunt self. They can do the same to me, and rather than getting offended, I’ll know they’re telling me what I need to hear. There’s nothing fake or shady about our friendship.
  7. Staying active is easy. With my guy friends, I don’t have to look very far to find someone who wants to go hiking or play badminton with. Yard games are a staple in our Sunday fun-day tradition. Even if I need someone to just kick the soccer ball around with or embarrassingly shoot hoops with, I always have someone I can call. I have active female friends as well, but they don’t get nearly as competitive as my guy friends do.
  8. I enjoy watching sports with them. I’m an athlete. I love both watching and playing sports. I don’t mind sitting a the bar all day on Sunday to watch football, but it’s almost impossible to convince most of my girlfriends to join me. But I can count on my guy friends to cheer right alongside me.
  9. We’re each other’s wingmen. Being a mostly straight woman, I generally know what girls like in guys. It’s entertaining to hit the bars and watch them attempt to hit on girls or do things they think will catch the eye of a potential hook up. I do my best to help them out, and they do the same for me.
  10. I know someone’s always got my back. Sometimes I just need a ride to the airport or for someone to watch my dog over the weekend. No one keeps score. Whatever it is, I know my guys friends are always there to help out when I need them. I would do anything for them, too. It’s like I get to hang out with a group of older brothers every day.
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