Mulled Wine Hair Is Here Just In Time For The Holidays

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s likely you’ve already put your tree up as well as your lights, inflatables, and whatever other decorations you have to celebrate the holidays. However, who says you have to stop there? Mulled wine hair is the new holiday trend I think we should all get behind.

No actual wine is involved, of course. By mulled wine hair, we’re really talking about hair color here. It’s sort of a merlot shade, a very deep burgundy that just looks stunning, especially when there are various highlights that stand out in certain lights.

I mean, you could certainly drink wine while having it done, I guess! Why not? Have your stylist pour you a glass while you’re sitting and waiting for the color to set. That will just give you double the holiday spirit, which is never a bad thing.

It’s the perfect color for the colder months. I always go a little lighter with my hair color when it gets to spring and summer, but by autumn, I’m ready to go dark again. It just feels right (not to mention it goes better with the clothing colors for those seasons). In other words, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still be seasonally on it with mulled wine hair.

If it’s too big of a change, you could just admire from afar. If your hair color is extremely blonde and you’re not ready to make such a big change, especially since changing it back would be REALLY hard (not to mention damaging for your locks), that’s OK. You can always just sit back and admire this look from afar. There are some gorgeous examples of mulled wine hair on Instagram – you could literally spend hours flicking through the hashtag. I highly recommend it when you have some time.

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