My BF Wouldn’t Let Me Dump Him & It Made Me Scared To Date Ever Again.

It’s hard letting someone into your life not knowing how things will end up. Of course, we all want that happily ever after. We want to believe that the person we are with today is our forever. Maybe that’s true for some of us, but the rest of us know that the end is just a terrible disaster sprinkled with some heartbroken pieces and nights of endless tears. Other times, it ends with your S.O. refusing to let you leave him and stalking you. That’s normal, right?

  1. Our relationship was amazing at the beginning, but which ones aren’t? We all hear about the relationships that are wonderful at the beginning, filled with happiness and lots of sex. Most of the time we know either the couple won’t make it or that they might end up together forever. Most of us would also assume those are the only two options, right? Well, my ex decided we weren’t splitting up and there was nothing I could do about it. It was great at the beginning, but eventually, I was given plenty of signs to run away.
  2. He made sure he could track me and my friends. When my friends and I were drunk one night, my S.O. got into our phones and starting tracking me and all my friends. He did this so he could know where I was at all times. The creepy part was that he did it to all my friends because he said he wanted to know where I was and who I was with at all times. I should have known then that this guy was trouble.
  3. He started showing up no matter where I was. After I talked to my ex and told him it wasn’t going to work out, he acted completely fine, like I didn’t break up with him at all. It was almost as if I said we should start planning a wedding or something. I didn’t think much about it and I went home thinking, “Wow, that was so easy.” Well, joke’s on me. Literally 10 minutes after I got home, he showed up with take-out asking what movie I wanted to watch. I was completely confused.
  4. He called me 20 times a day—yes, 20. Even after I told him, “Look, we’re breaking up, this isn’t working and I’m not happy,” he didn’t care. He kept calling me and texting telling me that he loved me and he knew that I was just having a rough time right now. Seriously dude, get the effing hint. After he caught on to the fact that I blocked his number, he decided to switch phone providers and said I was acting “silly” for changing my number. Help!
  5. He showed up at my work with flowers and told everyone it was our anniversary. Imagine me sitting at my desk, minding my own business, and my worst nightmare comes walking up with flowers saying “Happy Birthday, Baby.” Honestly, I probably looked like I was in the middle of a stroke. That’s when people started noticing something wasn’t right. I couldn’t keep this a secret anymore because I was starting to become scared for my life.
  6. He tried telling my parents that I need therapy. Granted, I probably do need therapy for the many issues that relationship gave me, but if anyone really needed therapy at this point, it was this guy. I had to explain to my parents that I tried leaving him and that’s why he thought I was losing my mind. My mom was so concerned and wanted me to call the police, but honestly, I thought that was too extreme. Well, at the time I did—now I wish I would have called sooner.
  7. I changed the locks to my apartment so he couldn’t get in. I decided I had to take matters into my own hands. I texted him saying we were done and that he needed to leave me alone. Instead, he decided to use the window to get into my apartment. I was absolutely terrified when I got home and he was there. What the hell?  I decided it was time to call the police.
  8. I had to get a restraining order against him for him to finally get the hint. After months of trying to get away from this guy who I thought loved me and was completely normal, I was finally free. It sucked that I had to get legal protection in order for him to get the hint but I’m just glad he actually did.
  9. Dating again is a scary concept and I don’t know if I will ever do it again. After everything I experienced, it’s hard to even think about trusting anyone ever again. If one person could treat me like this, who says the next person won’t? Is it even worth trying to start trying to date again if I’m going to get hurt every time? I think I’d rather just be alone than have a stalker, honestly.