Naked Toothless Woman Found Huffing Propane Tank Threatens To Blow Up Police

Naked Toothless Woman Found Huffing Propane Tank Threatens To Blow Up Police Collier County Jail

A naked toothless woman who was found huffing propane from a tank in her garage was arrested and taken into custody after she threatened to blow up police. Officers arrived at the Naples, Florida home of Sarah Jo Longacre, after her mother, Janice, called for help. That’s when things got a little nuts.

Collier County Jail

  1. Police saw Longacre in the garage with the lights off and doors closed. She’d been huffing propane and was completely naked and clearly not of her right mind. However, she had no plans of going quietly.
  2. Longacre threatened police to get out. Instead of going with them peacefully, Longacre instead held a lighter near the nozzle of the tank and told police to get out of the garage, the Miami Herald reports. Her mother was escorted off the property for safety and then went back to deal with her daughter.
  3. Thankfully, police were able to deescalate the situation. When they went back for Longacre, she lit the lighter again but officers kicked the empty propane tank away. They then called paramedics and tried to subdue Longacre until they arrived.
  4. Longacre claimed she’d drank two liters of alcohol. Police said that in addition, she’d called 911 six times. However, she still wouldn’t go down without a fight and it took several emergency workers to get her to the hospital. She even tried to bite officers but since she has no teeth, police said it didn’t hurt.
  5. Longacre was arrested and taken to Collier County Jail. She was charged with threatening to discharge a destructive device, resisting an officer with violence, and misusing 911. She was being held on $17,000 bond.
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