Nanny Sues Creepy Dad Who Secretly Filmed Her While She Slept And Changed

A live-in nanny has filed a lawsuit against the father of the children she babysits for after discovering a hidden camera in a smoke detector in the room where she was staying. Michael Esposito is accused of watching Kelly Andrade change and sleep during her time as his live-in nanny at his home in Staten Island, New York.

Esposito panicked when Andrade discovered the camera. According to the 25-year-old woman, when he realized she’d found the hidden camera in the fire detector, Esposito rushed home and tried to break down her door. At that point, she had to jump out of the window of her room because she worried he might harm her.

He was eventually arrested and charged. He’s facing charges for unlawful surveillance and could go to prison if convicted. However, Andrade plans to launch her own legal fight against Esposito for his creepy behavior.

Andrade thought she was in safe hands when moving into the Espositos’ home. She was hired through an au pair company and had undergone hundreds of hours of training before moving into the house. She stayed in the extra bedroom and looked after the couple’s four children, never imagining something like this would happen.

She started becoming suspicious as Esposito’s behavior changed. Andrade said she kept catching Esposito in her room messing with the smoke detector and repositioning it. She later looked at it and found a camera with a memory card which contained videos of her sleeping, undressing, or naked. Esposito turned up moments later, leading her to believe he must have been watching her remotely.

Esposito’s lawyer claims the camera was installed “for security reasons.” Sure, sounds realistic. It just so happened to be placed directly above Andrade’s bed, right?

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