This National Lampoon’s ‘Christmas Vacation’-Themed Ceramic Village Brings The Movie Straight To Your Home

If you grew up watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and consider the movie a vital part of your holiday tradition, you’re going to go nuts when you find out that there’s actually a Christmas Vacation-themed ceramic village that you can buy and display at home!

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You’ll need to buy each element separately. While the Christmas Vacation-themed village consists of more than a dozen different elements, you have to buy them all separately, meaning you can pick and choose which you want and get only those. Of course, if you want all of them, be my guest!

The centerpiece is the Griswold Holiday House. It’s hand-painted and features a snowy roof, a wreath on the door, and loads of frantically flashing lights, just as it should be. The garage is also available, full of loads of junk piled up inside.

That’s definitely not all. Also in the collection are the cut your own Christmas tree trailer, Cousin Eddie’s RV, a shocking Clark complete with Christmas lights, the downtown department store, the Griswold family car and Christmas tree, and so much more.

The reviews for the village speak for themselves. On Amazon, the reviews for pretty much every element of the Christmas Vacation-themed ceramic village are overwhelmingly positive. People love being able to bring elements of one of their favorite holiday films into their own homes, and I can’t say I blame them. Admittedly, having to buy all the pieces separately does end up being quite expensive, but given the high quality of the pieces and the fact that you can keep these forever and pass them down to your kids, grandkids, etc. makes it totally worth it, I think.

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