This Is Why We All Need An Alpha Woman In Our Circle

A bold, strong, confident alpha woman is a gift. People might call her mouthy or bitchy or brash, but she DGAF and neither should you — you need her. She makes you bolder, stronger and more confident too. She’ll inspire you, support you, stand with you and for you. She’s the friend you’ll turn to when you feel silenced at work or when you’re drowning in a sea of players. If that’s not enough to convince you, this should:

  1. Her confidence game is so strong, it spills over onto her friends. Have you ever been around someone who’s so sure of who she is and what she wants that being around her makes you feel better about yourself? Your alpha girlfriend is that person. She seems like utter perfection, and everyone around her gets to bask in her awesomeness. She makes you better. The flaws you constantly obsessive over suddenly don’t seem as important.
  2. She’s always respectful, but she never rolls over. Even when she’s arguing a point, the alpha woman is respectful of the other party. She never rolls over, however. She won’t concede a belief or hang her head just because someone tries to best her.
  3. But she will admit when she’s wrong. She has nothing to lose by admitting when she’s wrong, mainly because she know she has nothing to win by pretending to be infallible. Differing viewpoints and perspectives are always welcome and she listens with an open mind. After all, she knows that we can all learn from the opinions of others.
  4. You can hold her up like a mirror and get a true reflection of yourself. Your alpha friend will reflect honesty back at you. In addition to pointing out your positive attributes and making sure you know how valuable you are, however, she’ll also show you where you’re wrong.
  5. She is always truthful but never deliberately cruel. There’s a fine line between blunt and cruel sometimes. Uncompromising honesty can come off as mean in the wrong tone. Alpha women recognize that balance, however, and temper their truths with kindness and compassion, although they never sugarcoat it.
  6. She’s an inspiration as well as a friend. This is the kind of friend who inspires you to be better. Around her, you’ll feel less self-conscious, less insecure, and you’ll care less about what people think of you. The magic won’t disappear when you’re away from your friend, either.
  7. She walks the balance between ease and effortless elegance. She never tries too hard. She doesn’t have to and, moreover, she doesn’t care to. She doesn’t go out of her way to appeal to everyone else, nor does she bother with wasted efforts.
  8. She never wastes time on petty jealousies. An alpha woman doesn’t let her jealousies devour her. If she’s envious of another woman, she recognizes it as her own issue and doesn’t project. She doesn’t invent little dramas in her head, either.
  9. Instead of competing with other women, she uplifts them. See, alpha women know that tearing down other women doesn’t do anyone any good. It’s unnecessary and ugly. Instead of being jealous if another woman gets a promotion, lands a new job, or meets someone amazing, she celebrates the accomplishments of her sisters.
  10. She compromises but never settles. Meeting in the middle is so much different from giving up and settling. Alpha women know the value of compromise, but since they also know their own value, they never settle. Settling is just a one-way ticket to Miseryville.
  11. Her worth doesn’t depend on anyone’s opinion of her. This is one of the main characteristics of alpha women, and it’s one of the best. Can you imagine the freedom of never caring what anyone thinks of you? Alpha women know their own worth and they’re secure enough in themselves that someone else’s BS insults and opinions don’t affect what she knows. She brushes it off like it’s nothing because that’s what it is: nothing.
west virginia native, new hampshire transplant, parisian in the depths of my unimpressed soul. owner of an impressive resting bitch face. writer and reader. fluent in sarcasm and snark. lover of lower case and the oxford comma.