I Need A Guy With A Big Heart, Not A Big Bank Account

You can’t put a price tag on a stable, loving relationship with the right person. When it comes to my guy, I need him to have a big heart — not a big bank account. Money isn’t everything, but treating me right definitely is. Here are 10 reasons why his net worth just isn’t important to me:

  1. A Great Relationship is Priceless. The most important aspect of any relationship is commitment. If I find a guy willing to stick with me through any circumstance, I know I’ve got a great thing going. If I can laugh, cry, and embarrass myself in front of him (and vice versa), we’ve reached a level of comfort with each other that’s priceless.
  2. Money Isn’t Everything. Call me mushy, but I’m a firm believer in the phrase ‘can’t buy me love.’ Sure, it can make things easier, but the memories we make mean more than temporary financial gains. I don’t need a boyfriend who buys me expensive things. For this gal, it’s the sentiment that scores points with me. If he’s thoughtful and considerate with his gifts, that’s all that matters.
  3. I’ve always been independent-minded in every aspect of life, but I’m especially stubborn when it comes to money. I don’t mind sharing financial responsibilities with my partner, but I’d honestly feel uncomfortable expecting him to provide for me financially without chipping in. All he needs to worry about is being the best guy he can for me, not the best provider.
  4. We Can Be Frugal Together. I love penny-pinching. Seriously — is there a greater rush than finding an awesome discount on something you’ve wanted to buy?  I’d probably want to coupon clip and be frugal with a wealthy guy, so saving money when it counts would mean a lot. From saving up funds to finally crossing items from our wish list, it’s an experience I’d adore sharing with the right guy.
  5. A Sense Of Humor Is Invaluable. I think we can all agree that a huge, gut-busting laugh that makes you tear up is one of the best things in the world. At that moment, you’re leaving behind all of your anxiety, sadness, and frustration. Negative feelings just can’t stick around when you’re laughing. A guy with a sense of humor is a beautiful thing and means way more to me than a six figure salary.
  6. Ambitions and Goals Are All That Matter. I love encouraging my partner to achieve their goals in a relationship and I expect them to do the same for me. There’s nothing more attractive than a tenacious, never-say-die attitude in a guy. Whether he’s moving into a sprawling home or a cozy one-bedroom apartment, I’ll be proud of his success just the same.
  7. We’ll Appreciate Luxury More. An all-expenses paid trip to France is just a drop in the bucket for some. For others (like me), it’s a goal that you save towards, plan for and get dreamy-eyed just thinking about it. Can you imagine visiting the Eiffel Tower with your boyfriend after a few years of saving? Not only will you covet the trip, but you’ll be able to look back at what a little persistence and dreaming got you — together.
  8. We Won’t Be Distracted By Material Things. There’s no point in us freaking out over the newest gadget; it’s not worth blowing a hole in our budget to run out and get it — and that’s okay. A quiet night in with a book, a Netflix movie or an evening stroll means that I’m spending quality time with him without breaking the bank. We’ll appreciate the big items we do get, of course, but our company is better than anything money can buy.
  9. We’ll Encourage Each Other In Our Career Endeavors. It doesn’t matter if he’s gunning for a CEO position or making the jump from elementary to middle school teacher — his income won’t dictate how passionate I’ll be while cheering him on from the sidelines. If I find an incredible guy to call my partner, I’ll support him no matter how many employment changes he goes through.
  10. He’ll Make The Little Things Seem Huge. When he does wine and dine me, it won’t be your average date. I’ll love every moment of visiting a fancy restaurant and dressing up in formal attire with him just as much as I love casual nights in while wearing pajamas. We wouldn’t be able to do it every time, and that’s okay. It only makes those dates that much more appreciated.