What You Need To Know Before Dating A Redhead

Whoever said that blondes have more fun must never have been lucky enough to date a redhead. Numbering less than 2% of the world’s population, we’re the rarest hair color. That’s a fact that we love to remind people, and being a redhead is a strong part of our identity.We really are a unique breed, and we’re not always like other girls. If you want to succeed in making a redhead really fall for you, here’s what you need to know about us:


  1. If you blame our fiery personality on our hair color, we will eat you alive. And don’t you dare tell us that by getting angry, we just proved your point. It just won’t end well for you.
  2. We’re super proud of our hair color. We can rattle off redhead trivia like you wouldn’t believe, and we feel an inexplicable affinity for actresses, sports stars, politicians, and anyone else that shares our red hair.
  3. We don’t want to know about your ex-girlfriend who was also a redhead. We’re just really not sure how to take that. If it was a coincidence, why bother telling us? If it’s indicative of some weird fetish you have, better keep it to yourself.
  4. People are always going to remember us, even when we have no clue who they are. Wondering why people at parties keep saying hi to me and when you ask me who they are, I tell you I have no idea? I’m not keeping anything from you, I swear. It’s just that my red hair makes me memorable, so people tend to recognize me even if we’ve only met briefly.Whether we’ve made a great first impression or a poor one, people won’t forget us.
  5. No, we will not dye our hair blonde. Being a redhead is so unique that it’s not just a hair color, it’s an identity. Asking us if we ever thought about going blonde is like asking us to deny who we really are. It just feels like we’d be turning our back on our fellow redheads everywhere.
  6. Tell us that our hair makes us special and we’ll love you for appreciating it. We always were different, and sometimes when you’re younger that’s not a good thing. We want to hear that you know we’re unique, and that you love us for it.
  7. It’s true, we’re passionate. Because we already stand out due to our hair color, we’re not afraid to draw attention to ourselves. That means we speak up, we’re opinionated, we speak our minds, and we’re passionate. But hey, at least you’ll always know where you stand. And besides, being a challenge can be sexy.
  8. We can be extra sensitive to pain. Scientific research shows that redheads, on average, need larger doses of anesthesia in order to block their pain. It has to do with the gene mutation that is also responsible for red hair. So, please be gentle…unless we ask you not to be.

We’re sexy, in a totally unbiased, objective way. Seriously. From Christina Hendricks to Nicole Kidman to Isla Fisher, redheads have always been overtly sexualized. And it turns out that maybe there’s a reason for that. A University of Hamburg study found that redheaded women had more active sex lives than blondes or brunettes. So, when we say that redheads are sexier, you can take that literally.

Jessica Levy is a freelance blogger and content writer. She’s also a politics junkie, a fledgling foodie, and a frequent traveler. She has lived in Morocco, Israel, India, and Barbados, and never wants to be cold again. Follow her on Twitter!