What You Need To Know About The Woman Who Seems Bitter About Dating

What You Need To Know About The Woman Who Seems Bitter About Dating ©iStock/max-kegfire

Not every woman is a raging ball of sunshine and optimism when it comes to looking for love. For some of us, it’s sucked so far — but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying. If you think a woman seems bitter about dating, here’s what you need to know about her.

  1. She’s been through crap she never wants to experience again. Her tolerance for BS behavior is at zero. She’s been through enough already and her heart’s taken many beatings. In order to turn her into a believer and allow her to lower her guard, she needs a guy who understands the concept of respect. Is that so much to ask for?
  2. She’s not bitter; she’s cautious. There’s nothing wrong with proceeding with extreme caution when your life has been greeted with a never-ending series of disappointments and chaos. It’s not that she’s bitter; it’s that she doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice — or in her case, for the 100th time. She’s sick of wasting her time.
  3. She isn’t afraid to walk away from douchebag behavior. A woman who has dark corners in her dating history is one that knows better now because of it. She’ll walk away from any or the slightest rudeness and mistreatment because she quite frankly, doesn’t have the time or the room to add more BS to the pile.
  4. She speaks up to avoid history repeating itself. Some women are passive and tolerant of those small acts of disrespect, but not this one — she’s on high alert. If a guy does something that upsets her, she says so. She doesn’t give a f*ck what people think about it, either — she’s more concerned about protecting her own heart than to let someone walk all over it again.
  5. She has a lot to give, but few guys are worthy. She’s given the best parts of herself to someone in the past and has nothing to show for it except broken promises. It’s exhausting to put your energy into someone over and over again with honest and hopeful intentions, only to be crushed every time. She has a huge heart and a lot of love to give, but so far, no one has proven to be worthy.
  6. She doesn’t waste her time. She’d rather be alone and living happily under her own terms than to waste her time with someone who she knows won’t make her happy in the long-run. Some might think it’s because she’s bitter, but it’s only because she knows better and she knows that her time and her heart is valuable.
  7. She tries anyway because she’s still hopeful. Even though she has every reason to give up and every reason to hate the dating game, she continues to try. It might take her longer to open up and trust her heart in the beginning, but she holds on to the belief that eventually, someone will show her a new side to the journey.
  8. She needs honesty. A woman who seems bitter about dating has seen and lived through a ton. She’s been lied to, led on, ghosted, cheated on and her heart has been played with over and over again. Who wouldn’t be bitter after dealing with that crap? She needs a man who’s going to be honest with her from the beginning, even if that honesty means saying goodbye. Being thoughtful and giving her common respect is better than dealing with yet another loser.
  9. She’s ready for someone to prove her wrong. She doesn’t enjoy holding on to bitterness, but so far, no one as done anything to change her mentality. She tries to be as strong as she can be and she tries to think positively, but until someone actually does something different, being jaded is all she has. It allows her to be cautious and remain in control of herself until that one special person turns it all back around.