I Need A Man With Style And No, That Doesn’t Make Me Superficial

When it comes to finding the right guy, we all have qualities and characteristics that we think are important. Sometimes we get labeled as superficial or shallow for having physical requirements on our list, but for me, style is an absolute deal breaker. Style says so much more about a guy than what store he’s shopping in — it gives clues to what’s inside, as well. Here’s why it’s a must on my list:

  1. STYLE SAYS A LOT ABOUT WHO HE IS. Personal style is all based on what a person likes and is into. There are limitless ways to dress and when a guy puts outfits together, it isn’t hard to pick up on those interests right away. You can tell if he’s more traditional or modern, laid back or tailored, all by the first look. Clothes can say so much about personality, but it’s all in the details.
  2. It SHOWS HE CARES ABOUT HIS APPEARANCE. One of my biggest pet peeves is meeting a guy who’s really awesome but obviously doesn’t care about his appearance. Even though I might think he’s a cool guy, being lazy or unaware of himself in public is a total turn-off. A guy who takes the time to put together outfits most likely has some concern for his appearance and how others perceive him. Nothing is more attractive than a guy who does things mindfully and with a purpose. Giving a damn about how he looks really tells me that he respects himself.
  3. It SHOWS HE KNOWS WHAT HE LIKES. If a guy has developed his own distinct style, it not only says a lot about what he likes but also what he doesn’t. A well-dressed man knows what works for him and what he just isn’t into. If he is able to be decisive about his wardrobe and how he presents himself, he’s probably also given these thoughts to dating and relationships, as well. Who doesn’t want a guy who knows what he’s looking for up front?
  4. STYLE SHOWS OFF HIS BEST ASSETS. I think attraction is a lot less about what someone looks like and a lot more of how they present what they look like. If more guys took the time to highlight their best features, I think their focus would shift from worrying about their flaws to letting their personality shine through. Believe it or not, guys struggle with image too, and I think we should be encouraging them to show off their best assets. When a guy looks good, he feels good, and he’ll probably share those good vibes with you.
  5. STYLE TELLS ME HE THINKS AHEAD. When a guy shows up to a function impeccably dressed, you know that he took the time to think that look through. Every girl wants a man who plans ahead — I think we can all relate to that cringe-worthy date where the guy shows up totally unprepared and leaves us upset that we even put the effort in to impress him. Imagine being with a guy who not only plans ahead but puts in equal effort to impress you — that’s a win-win situation.
  6. STYLE MAKES HIM STAND OUT FROM OTHER GUYS. I don’t think it is a secret that a lot of guys hitting the bars on Friday all wear the same kind of clothes — t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers for days, seriously. You always notice that one guy who looks fresh and styled when he walks through the door. For me, this says that he’s in no way average and in fact is clearing the bar with flying colors. There’s something about falling for a guy who consistently raises the bar for the guys around him that is totally swoon-worthy.
  7. STYLE SHOWS ME HE PAYS ATTENTION TO DETAIL. I love it when a guy doesn’t rush through a project or task just to get things done — paying attention to detail means that he cares about the little things in life and understands their importance. When he takes the time to put the finishing details on things, he knows that it makes all the difference. That kind of effort comes through in other ways too — think relationships, dates, and quality time together — he has it all figured out.
  8. STYLE TELLS ME HE HAS REFINED TASTES. Chances are, if he’s already ahead of the pack with the way he presents himself, he also has tastes that most people haven’t taken the time to develop. Have you ever noticed that a well-dressed man usually appreciates good music, food, and culture? Chances are he has some other pretty cool interests that are off the beaten path.
  9. STYLE SAYS HE HAS AMBITION. Nothing is more unattractive than a guy who shoots for average or doesn’t care enough about anything to really stand up to his potential. A guy who takes the extra time, notices the details and appreciates the finer things is a guy who has motivation and strives to always better himself. Chances are, he’ll also push you when you’re feeling lazy too, which is super important.
  10. STYLE IS A TOTAL TURN-ON. Let’s be honest — a guy who dresses well is just hot. It not only makes him look his best on the outside but brings out his confidence, and what girl doesn’t love when a guy is at his most confident, letting his personality show through? When it comes down to it, the fact that he dresses well puts the cherry on top of the whole package. Keep those suits and ties tailored, boys, it works for you!
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