Why You Need To Stop Being The Jealous Girlfriend

Sometimes when women are in relationships, they become super possessive of their partners and it can turn into some really ugly jealous behaviors. There are zero things that are sexy about constantly getting on your man’s case about whose Instagram picture he liked, or why his old high school classmate wants to add him to Facebook. These forms of jealousy are just plain childish and they need to stop immediately.

It shows you’re insecure. Jealousy shows that you’re not completely confident in yourself and the person you’re dating. Relationships are about trust, and when jealous behaviors begin to peek through, it never results in anything good. It’s quite literally wasted energy that you could be spending on focusing on the great parts of your relationship. You lose sight of what you actually have when you start to doubt the security of your relationship.

It’s going to push him away or make him resent you. There might be a handful of guys who actually feed off jealousy and find it flattering, but for the most part, no one finds this cute in any way. No one wants to be accused of not being genuine in how they feel about the person they’re with, so eventually, he’ll get sick it. You need to pick your battles in your relationship, and jealousy is one of those battles you’re never going to win. If you force your partner into not having their own personal freedoms, don’t be surprised if he frees himself from you permanently.

It’s immature. You’re not in high school anymore. As you grow and mature, so should your relationship habits, and if you don’t know how much jealousy is a relationship killer, then you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship at all. You need figure your stuff out and learn how to be more secure and confident in yourself, which should nip any jealousy issues in the bud.

It sets a tone in your relationship. If you start a relationship being insecure, not wanting your man to have female friends, and getting jealous when he has a guys’ night out, then expect that eventually, if he doesn’t dump you first, he’s going to start inflicting the same rules on you. Our relationship behaviors have a mirrored effect on our partners. It’s the monkey see, monkey do mentality and it’s not healthy if your habits are more resentful than loving. If you have a relationship of love and trust, you will get the same back, and that’s what you should want.

If you don’t trust him, you shouldn’t be with him. This one is a pretty hard point. Why are you with him if you don’t fully trust him? What fun is that? You should be happy in your relationship, and jealousy doesn’t breed happiness, it breeds negativity between you. Cut that crap out.

The problem isn’t him, it’s you. It goes back to asking yourself why it upsets you so much. Did you have issues with a previous relationship? Is it really a battle worth fighting? Sometimes you need to examine yourself first. If you’re a secure and confident woman, then that aura should carry into your relationships. If it doesn’t, again, why are you with him? When it comes to love and healthy relationships, trust should be given freely unless proven otherwise.

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