Why Nerdy Guys Make The Best Boyfriends

Why Nerdy Guys Make The Best Boyfriends ©iStock/Eva Katalin Kondoros

Guys with nerd quirks don’t get enough credit. They tend to get passed up more than they should because they don’t generally possess the bad boy, hyper-masculine persona that most women seem to be nuts about. But nerdy guys make amazing boyfriends too, and you should try dating one for a change — they might just surprise you.

  1. They’re passionate about the things they love. Sure, it might be comic books, video games or astrophysics, but the point is that they have things in their lives that they love, and they put their heart into them. When they have a woman in their lives that they care about, they’ll put the same passion and love into their relationship with her.
  2. They’re more in touch with their sensitive side. Nerdy men don’t need to conceal their masculine side by keeping their feelings in the vault. They really don’t give a crap. They are who they are and they aren’t afraid to show it — even if it means being slapped with the nerd title.
  3. They’re smart as hell. Nothing is sexier than a man with brains. They’ll teach you things you never knew and open your mind up to things you never even thought about. They always challenge you to become smarter, and they genuinely want to see you achieve your dreams. They’re also always open to learning and applying new ways to improve themselves and their relationships, too.
  4. They’re completely honest with you. Nerdy men don’t see a point in being dishonest. They’re even painfully honest at times, which is actually a blessing in disguise. It’s refreshing to be with someone that doesn’t cause you to question his motives or intentions, because they’re pretty forward about them at all times, but in an adorable nerdy way.
  5. They’re not really into playing the field. They don’t have a stack of Tinder conquests under their belts — they prefer a more traditional arrangement. They might have a few relationships in their pasts, but each one was special to them, not just a one-night stand situation they brag to their buddies about in the locker room.
  6. They’re super into chill time. Did I mention that nerdy guys liks to cuddle? They’re not just more passionate, they’re also totally down for Netflix marathon nights and snuggling up together on the couch. They’re not overly into going out and partying and socializing all the time; they’re perfectly happy with having a relaxing night at home with you.
  7. They know how to solve problems. If something’s broken or your technology crashes, he goes out of his way to fix it. Nerdy guys don’t like to leave situations unresolved in any sense of the word. They always want to do better and improve things, especially with you if you run into relationship roadblocks.
  8. They’re hilarious. They’ll make you laugh all the time, both from the actual hilarity of his jokes but also by how adorable they are when they make cheesy ones, too. Relationships should be fun, and with a nerdy guy, you’re guaranteed it.
  9. They don’t care about status quo. They really don’t give a crap about how much money you make, or how on point your contour is — they like you for you, just the way you are, and they don’t buy into any popularity or image standards.
  10. They won’t judge you for your quirks. You never need to hide any facet of who you are with nerdy guys. They want to know every part of you, and that includes the sides you might not otherwise show a boyfriend — like, that you secretly enjoy watching hours of funny animal clips on YouTube or dress your cat up for holidays. To them, it’s just one more idiosyncrasy to love.
  11. They’re not afraid of love and commitment. The best perk about nerdy guys is that they actually do enjoy being in relationships and having someone special in their lives to love. They might not have women lining up around the block for them, but that’s actually a good thing. It means the women they come across that they feel a connection with are women that he makes genuine effort for. And if you fall for each other, you’re in for a pretty great and fun relationship that could last forever.