Nestle Toll House Released Cake Cups With The Batter Already Made For You

Nestle Toll House Released Cake Cups With The Batter Already Made For You

Sometimes when you’re starving and just want a really decadent snack, a piece of chocolate cake would really hit the spot. Unfortunately, you might not have all the ingredients you need to make one or the time or energy to get in the kitchen to do so. Thankfully, Nestle Toll House has taken on most of the work for you and their new cake cups come with the batter already made and ready to be popped into the microwave.


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I had no idea these existed. I assume they’re a pretty new product, but I have to thank Instagrammer @familyfooddude to bringing these to my attention after spotting them in his local Walmart. Now that they’re on my radar, I can’t think of anything else.

You’ll get a chocolate cake in one minute flat. Thanks to the geniuses at Nestle, the cups get only take a minute or so in the microwave to be ready to eat, which is good news when you want to snack without delay.

They come in two equally delicious flavors. While all of the Nestle cake cups have chocolate at their core, there are two varieties to choose from. One comes with semi-sweet Nestle morsels you can stir in or simply throw on top. The other flavor has white chocolate morsels. I don’t think I can choose between the two, which I guess means I need to eat both.

They come with two cups per pack. This means you can have one cake cup for you and one for a friend (if you don’t want to eat them both yourself, that is). The fact that Nestle has portioned these out individually is also helpful if you’re trying to adhere to a healthy(ish) diet and don’t want to go too overboard with the junk food. Hey, everyone needs a treat sometimes!

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