Netflix Documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ Is Inspiring Viewers To Go Vegan

Netflix Documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ Is Inspiring Viewers To Go Vegan Netflix

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Seaspiracy, it’s certainly hard-hitting. The feature-length movie uncovers the truths behind the commercial fishing industry and much of it is hard to swallow, so much so that many viewers are now vowing to go vegan after watching it. That may seem extreme, but so is the reality of what’s going on in the industry.

  1. Netflix meant to make Seaspiracy intense. “Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species – and uncovers alarming global corruption,” the official synopsis of the documentary says. While that alone doesn’t sound like it would be all that stomach-churning, believe me, it is.
  2. So many people have been touched by what they saw.Just watched @seaspiracy on Netflix and MY GOD it’s an eye-opener,” one person tweeted after watching. “Thought I knew the extent of how bad the global fishing industry was on the environment and it turns out it’s so much worse than you’d think. I’m never eating seafood again.”
  3. While many are vowing not to eat fish, others are going full-blown vegan. While Seaspiracy focuses specifically on the seafood industry, many people who watched it have said they’ll go even further than not eating fish and instead are swearing off animal products totally. “Well I just watched Seaspiracy and I think this is finally the time I strive for a vegan diet permanently. This is going to be tough for me but I’m looking forward to the challenge,” one person wrote. Another added: “Seriously think I need to consider going fully vegetarian or vegan after watching Seaspiracy – watched it on Friday and been thinking about it all weekend.”
  4. Of course, it’s probably best not to make life decisions based on Netflix documentaries. While documentaries are meant to be impartial, it’s important to note that Netflix and filmmakers are not completely unbiased and that even they have a slant and a viewpoint. While there’s a lot of truth there, there’s also a lot of direction, so keep that in mind.

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