Netflix Announces ‘Queer Eye’ Season 5 Release Date And It’s So Soon

Netflix Announces ‘Queer Eye’ Season 5 Release Date And It’s So Soon Netflix

I don’t think a show has ever made me simultaneously laugh and cry as much as Queer Eye. It has so much heart and so much warmth that you can’t help but love it and frankly, I’ve been desperate for new episodes for months. Well, there’s not much longer to wait because Queer Eye Season 5 is coming in just a few weeks’ time!

  1. Netflix will release the new season on June 5. Queer Eye Season 5 is a little less than three weeks away and frankly, I can’t wait. The news was announced via the show’s official Twitter account on Thursday, May 14 and it didn’t take long for people to start seriously freaking out with excitement, myself included.
  2. Even better news, we’re getting more episodes! While the first four season of Queer Eye had eight episodes, Season 5 is going big with 10 episodes. That’s two more hours to spend with Jonathan, Tan, Antoni, Bobby, and Karamo. The news just keeps getting better and better!
  3. We’re heading to Philadelphia this time. Queer Eye Season 5 is going to the City of Brotherly Love this time around. As Netflix says, the guys are hitting up “the birthplace of the [United States], to bring their infectious brand of self-love, confidence, and encouragement to a whole new roster of heroes.” I’m into it!
  4. This isn’t all, either. As you may or may not know, Queer Eye has already been renewed for a sixth season, so Season 5 isn’t the end of the road. Next time around, they’ll be going to Texas for their makeovers, though it may be a while before filming can get started on that given all that’s happening in the world right now.
  5. This is a great time to watch (or re-watch!) Seasons 1-4. You still have a few weeks to refresh your memory on the show’s greatness, so I highly recommend a binge-watch session or two for sure. That’s what I’ll be doing!
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