Netflix Just Renewed ‘Love Is Blind’ For 2 More Seasons — Best News Ever Netflix

Netflix Just Renewed ‘Love Is Blind’ For 2 More Seasons — Best News Ever

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a reality show as much as I did Love Is Blind in a really long time. Netflix came up with the most bonkers concept ever and it played out in the most ridiculously dramatic and amazing way. If you also loved the show, you’ll be pleased to know that the streaming service officially confirmed Love Is Blind Season 2 and 3, so we’re about to have a whole lot more TV to watch.

The show is moving to Chicago! While the first season of Love Is Blind was filmed in Atlanta, Netflix also revealed that Season 2 is going to be filmed in Chicago this time around. The show is actually casting in the city at the moment (though I imagine that’s somewhat stunted given everything that’s going on), so if you live local and you’re interested…

Please God let them get another Jessica. While she was easily the messiest cast member on Season 1, Jessica was without a doubt the most entertaining to watch. You never knew what kinda weird curveball she was going to throw depending on how drunk she got. While it’s likely that Netflix will automatically go for “bigger personalities” in Season 2 and beyond, I just pray that the next installment of Love Is Blind will bring the heat.

This isn’t the only show Netflix renewed. In addition to greenlighting Love Is Blind Season 2 & 3 on March 24, Netflix also confirmed that we’d be getting more Rhythm + Flow and more of The Circle, which is great news. While it’s all but impossible that new episodes of these shows will be available before this nightmare is over, at least it’s good to know it’s coming.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other things to watch. If you’ve already worked your way through everything that looks interesting on Netflix (not possible), you can always check out some new movies that are getting an early digital release since the theaters are closed! Frankly, I’m still holding out for more Love Is Blind, though.

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