Netflix Announces ‘You’ Season 2 Will Premiere Next Month Netflix

Netflix Announces ‘You’ Season 2 Will Premiere Next Month

You is the Lifetime stalker drama everyone couldn’t help but love. When the first season premiered earlier this year, I binged the whole thing in a single weekend and couldn’t wait for more. Thankfully, Netflix recently announced that Season 2 is upon us, and it’s coming sooner than you think.

Netflix is taking over for the new episodes. While You originally aired on Lifetime, it was later available to stream on Netflix. The response was so great, with more than 40 million people streaming Season 1 in the first four weeks, that they decided to take over from the cable TV network for Season 2, and frankly, that’s a good thing. Bigger budget = crazier antics and I’m here for it!

You Season 2 will premiere on December 26. It’s a post-Christmas gift we can all appreciate, right? Penn Badgley as a serial killer who everyone seems to love and no one seems to understand is a totally dangerous psycho is a stressful series but one I just can’t look away from. I can’t wait for the new episodes!

Season 2 is headed to Los Angeles. While Joe terrorized New York in Season 1, now that he’s killed off Beck, he’s high-tailing it to the West Coast to presumably look for his new victim. If you’ve read the books the series was based on by Caroline Kepnes, you may already know what’s in store. If you don’t, I won’t ruin it for you.

Joe has a new obsession. The one little clue I can give you is that while in LA, Joe meets a chef named Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) who, unlike Beck, isn’t really into social media at all. This might make her a bit harder to stalk, but something tells me that Joe will manage to find a way.

You’ll have to try not to watch it all at once. Netflix ends to drop a full season of eps on us right away, but given how long it’ll be before Season 3, if there is one, we need to try and take our time here. It won’t be easy, but I believe in us.

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