Neve Campbell Will Be Back As Sidney Prescott In ‘Scream 5’

Neve Campbell Will Be Back As Sidney Prescott In ‘Scream 5’ Dimension Films

It’s hard to believe that the first Scream movie came out all the way back in 1996. How has it been 24 years since then?! In the time since, an additional three sequels have come out, though none were as good as the original. However, now that Neve Campbell has confirmed that she’ll be back as Sidney Prescott in Scream 5, that may all change.

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Hello again, Sidney… #ImBack @ScreamMovies

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  1. Sidney Prescott was the it girl in 1996. Despite the fact that she was kinda dumb when it came to how she acted with a serial killer on the loose, pretty much everyone wanted to be Neve Campbell/Sidney Prescott back in the day. The fact that she’s reprising the role all these years later is pretty awesome.
  2. Neve Campbell broke the Scream 5 news on Instagram. This is 2020, which means if it doesn’t happen on social media, it probably isn’t happening at all, right? Neve hit up Instagram on Thursday, September 10 to confirm her return to the franchise with a video and the caption, “Hello again, Sidney…” and the hashtag #ImBack.
  3. She’s not the only one coming back. If you’re still not convinced that Scream 5 is your jam, you might be interested in knowing that in addition to Neve Campbell’s return, we’ll also get to be reunited with Courteney Cox and David Arquette when they’re back as Gale Weathers and Sheriff Dewey Riley. This just gets better and better.
  4. Sadly, it’ll be the first Scream movie not directed by Wes Craven. He passed away in 2015 sadly, so he won’t helm the new installment. Instead, Ready or Not directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett will direct, and it’ll be interesting to see their take on Ghostface.
  5. We still have a while to wait before the movie is done. At the moment, Scream 5 is due for release on January 14, 2022, meaning there’s still quite a long time to wait. However, something tells me this is going to be worth it.
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