Never Date A Guy Who Focuses On Your Flaws — He’s A Terrible Guy

Some guys just don’t know how to appreciate an amazing woman and will do or say anything to try and cut you down or belittle all the wonderful things that make you, you. Screw that. If a guy you’re into is always pointing out all the things he dislikes about you or does more complaining about you than complimenting you, kick him to the curb because he doesn’t deserve you.

  1. You shouldn’t feel bad for being human. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a normal person with flaws just like anyone else. Some guys would rather point out all the ways you’re failing instead of admiring all of the ways that you’re killing it in life — and that’s exactly the kind of guy you want to avoid. Life is too short to be with someone who sucks the confidence out of you.
  2. If he’s blind to your amazing qualities, it’s not your job to restore his vision. There are so many amazing things about you and to the right guy, those things should stand out above all the rest. If he’s truly with you for all the right reasons, your flaws and imperfections won’t even be an issue — they’re just one more thing to love about you.
  3. You’re not the problem — he is. Most of the time, when a guy goes out of his way to cut you down, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with himself. He lacks self-confidence and needs to gain it back by making digs at you instead. Not only is this completely unhealthy for you to put up with, it’s also absolutely ridiculous. NEXT!
  4. The right guy will love every detail about you. There’s no such thing as a perfect guy, but there most certainly is a perfect guy for YOU out there — and he’s going to make you feel amazing about the person you are instead of finding ways to make you doubt yourself. If he isn’t making you feel on top of the world, he isn’t the guy for you. End of story.
  5. His behavior isn’t healthy or acceptable, so don’t put up with it. Some women end up in abusive situations and get so far into the relationship, they can’t seem to pull themselves out. Try and be hyper aware of a guy’s crappy remarks early on because it can really help to save you a lot of grief if you get out early. The beginning of any relationship sets the tone for what’s acceptable and tolerable going forward, so don’t send the message that you’re okay with a guy being a jerk when you deserve so much more.
  6. You deserve someone as amazing as you are. You’re a catch and what you have to offer is worth more than some guy who’s going to cut you down and make you feel small. Don’t accept anything less than a guy who’s quick to point out your good qualities instead of focusing on the bad. The guy who truly deserves you shows kindness and never lets your flaws outweigh the many positive things you have to offer.
  7. Don’t let the jerks get you down. If you’ve ever a guy who constantly put you down, you know how awful it feels to be left with the lingering feelings that you’re not worth of anything because he regularly pointed out all of the ways in which he thinks you’re not. Screw that! It’s not your fault he’s a mindless moron, so don’t take any of his garbage to heart — you’re awesome just the way you are.
  8. Keep going — better guys are out there. Sure, it sucks to be met with a guy like this when all you’re looking for is genuine love in your life, but don’t let it stop you from forging forward with the same confidence you had before this loser made his way into your life. Pay no attention to his negativity and his attempts to belittle your worth. If a guy only points out your negatives, he positively doesn’t deserve you.