I’ll Never Download Tinder, No Matter How Desperate I Get

Even though online dating apps have taken over the romance scene, I just can’t bring myself to get into them. I know plenty of people who have gone on to have successful relationships as a result of downloading Tinder, but  this is why I’d rather find love the old-fashioned way:

Love should happen organically.

 Love to me is free-flowing, open, and well, organic. God, I sound like such a hippie. I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that relationships will come and go, like a wave washing over the shore — okay, I’ll tone it down.

I don’t waste time.
 Do you even realize how much time you’re wasting by going on random dates? You’re playing a really crappy numbers game, and the odds are against you. It’s a huge time-suck for a very small chance of success. Not to mention all the money you’re spending to hang out with someone you don’t even know.

I can be sure I’m ready for it.

 Relationships come and go in your life for a reason. When you find yourself without someone to love, you might want to consider that it’s time to look within for a while. You might need to do some soul-searching before Cupid comes knocking again, and that’s okay. I trust that the right man will come into my life when I’m ready for him, and I’m not going to try to force things by looking for him on an app.

I think it’s hot when a guy asks me out in person.

 Anyone can sit behind a phone and hit on girls. It’s the guys who actually have the balls to put themselves out there and face possible rejection that get my vote. It takes a lot of courage to do that, and I like my men with a side of bravery.

Saying you “met online” is boring.

 Do you really want your maid of honor reading out your first Tinder conversation at your wedding? “The moment he said ‘hey watsup,’ she knew he was the one.” I thought it was love at first sight — not love at first swipe.

I’m more likely to find someone I actually like.

 They say that birds of a feather flock together, and I like to believe it’s true. If you’re actively engaged in the world, chances are you’ll bump into someone who’s perfect for you. You can end up meeting plenty of potential dates just by being yourself and doing the things you love.

I keep my pride intact.

 Tinder can be frustrating, to say the least. Moreover, it can totally kill your self-esteem; what with all the users, abusers, and confusers? I don’t want to worry about any of the stress that comes with online dating, because let’s face it — it’s like 90 percent stressful and 10 percent fun.

I’m not the superficial type.

 I need more than just a few sentences and a picture to know if I like someone. I like meeting a guy IRL way better. There’s a certain attractive energy you get from people you like, and that can’t be felt through an app.

Most people give up on it anyway. 

If I had a nickel for every person who’s told me that they tried online dating and hated it, I’d have a lot of nickels. You’re probably going to give up on it anyway, so why not go straight to traditional dating? You’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration, trust me.

I’d rather be alone than hang out with a psycho.

 Sure, you take this risk anytime you go on a date, but meeting up with a complete stranger really increases your risk of having dinner with a serial killer. It might be harder to find a date when you’re not swiping left and right on a screen, but I’d rather wait a while and go out with someone I actually trust.



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