Never Let These 7 Things Ruin A Perfectly Good Relationship

There are certain things you should never let get in between you and your man, no matter what. Once you start letting stuff drive a wedge between you, those things are hard to ignore and can completely dismantle your relationship. If you feel it’s going well and you seem to be on track, don’t allow others to interfere or things to get in the way of your happiness. What you have is between you and him, so look the following things in the face and tell them to GTFO, because they have no place in your relationship.

  1. Family. You’re stuck with these people for life, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen to them forever. Even though they may mean well, if they unfairly take issue with the guy you’re with and are inconsiderate of your feelings, they’re not worth jeopardizing your perfectly good relationship (so long as it legitimately is a good relationship and their complaints aren’t valid). This is your future happiness, we’re talking about. They’ll get over whatever issues they have, and if they don’t, then it’s just too bad for them. This is your life, not theirs.
  2. Friends (especially your BFF). Just as you shouldn’t let your family tell you who to be with, you shouldn’t let your friends interfere, either. Let them offer their advice or personal anecdotes, but they shouldn’t be telling you what to do. If you feel your relationship is strong and they’re bringing up irrelevant or insignificant things, then you shouldn’t be weighing them against your man, because they don’t know him like you do. Though you might trust your BFF above all others, there will come a certain point where she’ll need to back off because you know what you’re doing.
  3. Jealousy. Jealousy is stupid and makes you look like a douchebag. He’s with you, not with another woman, so calm down and accept that guys just look at other women, even if they’re not interested in them. They stare. It’s that simple. If everything else in your relationship is fine, don’t ruin it by being overly dramatic or invading his privacy. Guys need space, and they also need a girlfriend who isn’t a psycho.
  4. Money. It’s both good and evil. Don’t let money or success come between you, because it will always end badly. You guys are an item, so you need to have each other’s back. If you see money becoming a major issue in the future, do something about it now before it becomes something that tears you apart, either by keeping your bank accounts separate or by dividing up your expenses. People change when money enters the picture, and usually for the worst.
  5. Expectations. Standards are perfectly okay to have, but when you start expecting certain behaviors, that’s when you run into problems. For example, your standards may include that he must have a job, and he can’t be a total jerk to you. However, expecting him to pay all your bills and do everything you ask is another matter altogether. If he’s a great guy, don’t lose him because he’s not going above and beyond what you expect from him. No one is perfect, so cut him some slack. Genuine love is hard to come by.
  6. Fear. Your relationship is great. You guys love each other, you have fun together, and everything seems perfect. So don’t mess it up by suddenly getting scared and sabotaging your life. Fear is what gives people cold feet on their wedding day, and usually they can never get things back the way they were. Yes, commitment can be scary and it may seem easier to run away, but if you’re actually happy with this dude, then why are you scared of being with him?
  7. The future. Nobody can foresee the future. You can do your best to predict it and mold a possible outcome, but you’ll never be able to know exactly what’s going to happen. So don’t let it ruin your relationship which is happening right now. If you live your life constantly worrying about the future and your future with him, you’re just going to talk yourself out of moving forward, and you’ll never get to even have a future. Just have fun and allow yourself to be surprised, even if the outcome is bad.
Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.