A New Geothermal Lagoon Is Opening In Iceland, Complete With Swim-Up Bar

A New Geothermal Lagoon Is Opening In Iceland, Complete With Swim-Up Bar Sky Lagoon

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Iceland or dreamed of going, chances are you’re familiar with its most famous geothermal spa, The Blue Lagoon. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful, tranquil places in the world, but now there’s a new spa vying to take its spot. Sky Lagoon is opening soon and it not only has beautiful views of the ocean but a swim-up bar too.

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  1. Sky Lagoon will be located in K├írsnes Harbour, K├│pavogur. If you’re not familiar with the geography of Iceland, that’s not far outside Reykjavik, making it the perfect place to visit on a day trip. Its location not only affords the place some beautiful sunsets but some pretty impressive ocean views too.
  2. You might even see the Northern Lights. While you can take special trips from Reykjavik (and elsewhere in Iceland) in an attempt to see the Northern Lights, if you spend the day at Sky Lagoon and stay well into the evening, you just might see it from the comfort of a geothermal pool. Way to hit two birds with one stone!
  3. Sky Lagoon won’t open until sometime in 2021. Dagny Petursdottir, general manager of Sky Lagoon, promises that visitors will love relaxing at the spa as it will “will enable guests to connect with mind, body, and spirit through the radiant powers of geothermal waters while taking in such impressive ocean views.” He continued, “We are thrilled to unveil plans to develop a remarkable geothermal lagoon experience along one of Iceland’s most stunning oceanfront locations.”
  4. They’re not taking reservations just yet, but you can sign up for email updates. The Sky Lagoon website allows you to sign up to their mailing list and find out when you can book your tickets to visit on your next trip to Iceland. Hell, it might be worth booking a trip to Iceland just to go there!

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