The Next Guy I Date Is The Guy I’ll Marry

I wasted years dating guys who weren’t even worth my time, and now I’m finally ready to meet “The One.” I won’t be playing the field or multi-dating either—here’s how I know the next guy I date will be the one I’ll marry.

I finally know what I want. Being ready to meet my future husband involves knowing what I want in a partner. For a long-lasting relationship that leads to marriage, I want to date someone who’s honest, faithful, trustworthy, and a good provider. Knowing the qualities I want from a man upfront means I’ll be less likely to settle for someone who doesn’t exhibit those traits. If a guy shows even an inkling of not being what I want, he won’t even make it to the boyfriend stage.

I’ve weeded out all the losers. I went through a phase of dating men who weren’t good for me and I’m over the bad boy type. I now know that if someone is making a half-assed attempt at spending time with me or maintaining communication, they’re not the one for me. Learning how to separate the losers from the good guys took me some time, but now I can sniff out a guy who’d be an unfit partner from a mile away.

I’ve gone through my party girl stage. I’ve gone to every club, traveled to every hot spot destination, and have probably sampled every alcoholic beverage known to man. I’ve lived through my wild and crazy phase of life and I’m ready to hang up my stilettos and leave it all behind. I know this is a sign that I’m ready to settle down and have a meaningful relationship that will lead to marriage, and the next guy I put 100% effort into will be the man I say “I do” to.

I’ve done the internal work. Knowing the next guy I date will be the guy I marry is only half the battle. I knew I had to do some major soul-searching and internal work to get myself ready for this point in my life. I’ve read self-help books, learned how to meditate, worked on my flaws and insecurities, and made an effort to improve myself in areas I’m lacking. Working on myself has made me feel more confident and receptive to dating “The One,” and since my internal vibration is so friggin’ high, I have no choice but to be magnetically attracted to my future husband since I know we’ll be on the same wavelength.

I’m willing to compromise. The dream of meeting a guy who’ll be exactly what I want has long departed. Instead, I know he might check off most of the boxes on my must-have list, but there’ll be some areas that he’ll be lacking. Knowing that no one’s perfect and I might have to compromise a bit doesn’t mean I’m settling. It just means that I’m aware the next guy I date won’t be the full package, and I’m willing to accept him for who he is.

I won’t commit unless it’s right. In the past, I’ve jumped into relationships even though I knew things were wrong from the start. I’ve finally realized that since I want to marry the next guy I date, there’s no way I’d enter into a situation that didn’t feel right. Because I’m more leery of falling back into my bad habits, when I finally commit, it will be for all the right reasons.

I love myself unconditionally. I didn’t always have the best opinion of myself and I haven’t always practiced self-love. But on my quest to be in a healthy long-term relationship with the guy I’ll one day marry, I knew I had to learn how to love myself unconditionally. With this newfound adoration, if a guy doesn’t love me as much as I love myself, I know he’s not the one for me. It’s easier to eliminate the time-wasters and those who don’t have my best interests at heart, which in return will lead me to my happily ever after.

I’m ready to take a risk. I wasn’t always so willing to give my all in my past relationships, and maybe that explains why things never worked out. Thankfully, that has all changed and I’m ready to fall in love and put it all on the line. Being willing to take a leap of faith means the next guy I date will be dating the new and improved me.

My heart has recovered. I’ve built up a wall throughout the years due to heartbreak and disappointment in the aftermath of my failed relationships. It took some time, but I’m now over the past and all the bad times. I’ve grown, I’ve mended my broken heart, and I’m not nearly as closed off as I once was. Because my heart is so full, open, and ready for love, there’s no doubt in my mind that my next relationship will be my last.

My gut instincts are on point. That strange feeling in my stomach when I know I’m in a bad situation has never steered me wrong. It tells me when a guy is full of crap and when I’m headed down the wrong path in my dating life. As of right now, my gut is pointing me in the right direction to the guy I’ll marry and I’m comfortable with letting it lead the way. When I meet someone who’s not right for me, I can feel that the energy is off so I don’t waste any more time than necessary. Instead, I keep it moving and following my instincts, knowing that when my radar goes off, it’ll be because the guy sitting across from me at the restaurant table will be my future husband.

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