These ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Lanterns Will Cast A Spooky Light On Your Halloween

With Halloween getting closer and closer, it’s now officially time to start decorating for Halloween. I already have a selection of ghost, witch, and pumpkin stuff, but I’m also a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and have been upping my collection of memorabilia from the classic movie. Next on my list to buy? These Nightmare Before Christmas lanterns that will cast a spooky glow over October.

  1. They come in a set of three. Each of the Nightmare Before Christmas lanterns, which are being sold by The Bradford Exchange, shows a different scary scene from the movie. One shows Jack Skellington embracing each other at Spiral Hill. The next has Lock, Shock, and Barrel causing trouble as usual. Finally, the Oogie Boogie lamp also shows the classic villain creating some serious mischief. They go perfectly together!
  2. You only need batteries to light them up. Each lantern takes 2 AA batteries and uses very little power, so they’ll be glowing for ages before you have to change them. No cords also means you can place the lanterns wherever you’d like, indoors or out, for the ultimate festive feeling.
  3. What better way to celebrate one of the best Halloween movies ever? “Like no other film before or since, Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas envisions a strange, wonderful world populated by unforgettable characters who, despite the outlandish events surrounding their holiday shenanigans, somehow manage to remind us of ourselves,” the description for the lanterns reads. “Now, you can revisit the imaginative realm of Halloween Town once more, a place illuminated by the soft glow of moonlight made even more magical by the twinkle of floating starlight.” I’m sold!
  4. They make amazing collector’s items for anyone you know who loves the movie. You can order your trio of Nightmare Before Christmas lanterns on the Bradford Exchange website here. They cost $79.99 and are worth every penny.
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