Why No-Bullsh*t Women Make Amazing Girlfriends

There seems to be an unfair assumption that BS women who tell it like it is are undateable, but speaking as one of them, I call, well, BS on that stereotype. Just because some of us are more outspoken than others doesn’t mean we don’t make amazing girlfriends in our own unique ways. If you’re lucky enough to have one of us in your life, here’s why you should consider yourself lucky:

  1. We speak up for ourselves and move on. We’re women who know how we feel and we’re confident enough to stand up for what we believe in. Getting into an argument with us is inevitable since they happen in any relationship, but the difference is that we don’t bring things up over and over again for the rest of the time you’re together because what’s done is done. We communicate, work things out in a mature way and move forward. We don’t have time to live in the BS forever.
  2. We don’t beat around the bush. We won’t give you the annoying run-around on trying to figure out what’s bothering us — we’ll tell you straight up. What’s the point in putting off a conversation that needs to be had when working together as a team is a way better use of time for both of us? We may be blunt, but we’re also mature AF.
  3. We get things done. No BS women don’t make excuses for why things aren’t done and our lives aren’t in order — we get out there and make it happen. If we have a task or responsibility at hand, we get it done ASAP rather than procrastinating. It’s nice being with women who don’t drop the ball on important things, like making sure the bills are paid on time and that there’s no expired food in the fridge (just to name a few things).
  4. We don’t demand respect; we command it. There’s a difference between women who scold you and kick up a fit for treating them like dirt and ones who simply don’t give you the time of day until you’re worthy of their attention. One is demanding and one is commanding, and we’re the latter. We don’t put up with bad behavior and you’ll be a better man for it.
  5. We’re loyal AF. If you want a woman who’s completely loyal to you in every way, we’re the ones you’ll want to give your time and heart to. If we love you, we love you all the way and we take it seriously. We don’t believe in keeping anyone else in rotation and we don’t allow our eyes to wander past you. If we’re yours, we’re all yours, and if you’re not giving us the same courtesy, we’ll be quick to dismiss you.
  6. We don’t let ourselves get to the point of exploding. Healthy doses of not giving a f*ck and dealing with the nuisances of life as they come appeals way more to no-bullsh*t women than letting our pots boil until they explode onto our partner later on. If you’re with us, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be called out when you need to be, and we can take the same from you. In fact, we expect it. This makes us sexy AF because you’ll quickly learn we’re not doormats or loose cannons — we’re your dream girls.
  7. We have our own opinions and we don’t just agree with everything you say. We have minds of our own, which makes being with us exciting AF. We’re not just going to agree with everything you say because we know who we are and we won’t change that for anyone. We have thoughts, opinions, and life experience that have made us into the well-rounded women we are, and we refuse to compromise that for the sake of appeasing your ego. We’re truly always ourselves with you because we’re looking for a guy who loves us for who we really are.
  8. We’re exciting to be with. Whenever we do anything, we do it all the way. We relish our downtime, take advantage of our uptime, hustle hard to further ourselves in life, and do everything with some serious tenacity. We don’t have time to sit and wait around for someone to hand us a lucky break because hard work and ambition is our middle name. If you’re the one by our side, prepare for women who go after what we want, fight to keep what we have, and don’t let anything get in our way.
  9. If we’re on your team, we’re teammates for life. If you’re lucky enough to have us in your life, our unsurpassed loyalty and drive in life will keep you happier than you ever thought you could be. Underneath our ability to stand up for ourselves and take no sh*t, we’re extremely caring and loving women in every way — we just don’t accept mistreatment of any kind. If you’re treating us right and standing by our side, we’ll happily do the same for you.