No, I Don’t Want To Hang Out With You & Your Boyfriend

I’m sure your boyfriend is awesome, and I’m really happy for you that you found someone you never want to be away from. With that being said, I’m not interested in being the third wheel on your date night because you can’t seem to find time to spend with your friends without bringing him along. Unless you’re literally physically attached to his hip, it would be great if you would leave him at home once in a while.

  1. I can’t talk about certain things with him around. I want to tell you about the weird thing the guy I’m seeing did in bed the other night and complain about how I can’t find the right sports bra for my giant boobs, but I can’t if your boyfriend is sitting there sipping his stupid craft beer, judging my entire life.
  2. I’m not asking for much. I don’t expect you to never bring him to anything ever. In fact, I genuinely do want to get to know him and spend time with him — but he doesn’t have to show up to every Sunday brunch, coffee date and girls’ night out, does he? Some things should remain sacred, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask.
  3. Why does he even want to come? The fact that he’d even consider showing up half way through girls’ night out is a huge red flag to me. Doesn’t he have anything better to do on a Saturday night than crash our party? The only time I might let it slide is if he brings a hot friend or two, and they’d better be single.
  4. I’m going to start to resent him. I’m assuming you want me to actually like your boyfriend since you seem to think he’s the best thing that ever happened to you. In order for that to happen, you’re going to have to stop forcing me to hang out with him every time I see you. It’s possible he and I could get along great, but we’ll never find out if you keep bringing him to things he wasn’t invited to.
  5. I’m not the only one that notices. If you think I’m the only one annoyed by your inability to spend five minutes away from your boyfriend, you’re delusional. It’s a lot more obvious than you think it is, and if it bothers me, it definitely bothers other people too.
  6. I never thought you’d be one of those girls. You used to be disgusted by girls who were reliant on their boyfriends and could never be away from them. Why has all of that gone out the window the second you met a guy you’re into? It’s kind of hypocritical, to be honest.
  7. Aren’t you sick of him yet? You spend literally all your free time with him already, so why do you need him to tag along for our standing Sunday brunch reservation? You may be in the honeymoon stage right now, but if you never have any time apart, you’re going to start to get sick of each other — and everyone you know is sick of him already, guaranteed.
  8. His friends probably aren’t impressed either. If you’re bringing him everywhere you go, does that mean he’s taking you everywhere too? There’s no way his friends are okay with you tagging along on their weekly beer and wings night and inviting yourself camping for the weekend. They probably aren’t going to be as subtle about their true feelings either.
  9. Do you really not see the issue here? I find it hard to believe you’re completely ignorant of the fact that your friends might not want your boyfriend intruding on girl time. That means you’re either in serious denial or you just don’t care about your friends’ feelings anymore. Neither is good.
  10. It will start to affect our friendship. The less quality time we spend together one on one, the further apart we’re going to drift. We don’t talk about the same things anymore, and I don’t even want to bother asking you to hang out anymore because I know I’ll just get annoyed when you insist on bringing him along. That means our friendship is going to suffer, and I really don’t want that to happen.
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