Reminder: No Man Is Ever Out Of Your League

Reminder: No Man Is Ever Out Of Your League ©iStock/filadendron

Who came up with the idea of dating “leagues”, and how do you even know which one you’re playing in? It’s an antiquated idea that makes no sense and simply isn’t true. If you’re attracted to a guy, he’s in your league — it’s that simple. Dating is complicated enough without you convincing yourself that you’re not worthy of him for some superficial reason, so get over it and go for him if you think you’ll be a good match.

  1. No one’s better than you. Honestly, I could stop here. Thinking a guy’s out of your league is like thinking he’s better than you. You’re an incredible woman and he’d be lucky to have you in his life. Believe in your own self-worth and don’t think of yourself as less than because of a man.
  2. You’re hot — admit it already. Don’t even try to tell me about all your imagined flaws. My pants cut into me after a good meal, I get adult acne, and rain makes my long hair look like an art exhibit. I’m not perfect, but I’m confident being myself and that makes me hot. We all have flaws. Get over it already and just go be your hot self.
  3. Those guys are losers. If a guy puts you down because you’re not good enough, he’s a loser. We’ve all met those guys. They’re usually single too, and for good reason. If he’s not attracted to you, that’s fine, but he should never make you feel like he’s out of your league.
  4. Let your confidence shine. I don’t care what league you think he’s in, all you have to do is let your confidence shine and he’ll take notice. Confidence is sexy. It instantly puts you into any league because it’s obvious you’re not taking any crap and you’re proud of who you are.
  5. If he says no, shake it off. We all strike out. The hottest woman you’ll ever meet has been turned down. It happens. Don’t use it to gauge what league you’re in. Just shake off the rejection. This just frees you up to meet the right guy.
  6. You’re missing out. While you’re busy saying all these guys are out of your league, you’re missing out. One of those could be the love of your life — or at the very least, the hottest hookup of your life. Why limit yourself? It’s too hard to find the right man, anyway. Just go for it. The worst that can happen is he’ll say no.
  7. He’s thinking the same thing about you. Leagues aren’t just something women made up — men think the same way. The guy I’m currently with actually thought I was out of his league. I laughed my ass off when he told me. I honestly still can’t figure out why he thought he wouldn’t be good enough for me. Turns out, he’s been my longest relationship. See what happens when you ignore leagues?
  8. If he’s so perfect, why’s he single? Usually you think he’s way out of your league because of how he looks, acts, talks, etc. In your mind, he’s perfect and you’re flawed. Now stop for a second. If he’s so incredibly perfect, why’s he single and hanging out in the same place you are? Shouldn’t he have a harem, live in a beautiful estate and not bother with lowly bars and clubs or dating apps with commoners? Yeah, he’s not perfect.
  9. You need to raise your standards. If you honestly think guys are out of your league, you need to raise your standards. Settling for less because you don’t think you’re good enough isn’t going to leave you happy. Don’t accept some loser who treats you like crap when you could have a great guy if you’d just grow a pair and approach him.
  10. Why’s he out of your league again? Go ahead, think about it. Is it his clothes? His physical appearance? Maybe it’s his career? All crappy reasons. At no point could you ever come up with a valid reason why a guy is too good for you. There’s just not legitimate reason.
  11. There aren’t leagues in romance. If I haven’t made this clear already, there aren’t leagues in romance. Sure, we have bases, but we’re all playing in the same league. It’s all about attraction. That’s the only league. We’re all on an equal playing field looking for one of two things: love and/or sex.
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