No Time For Sex? Here’s How To Get More From Your Quickies

No Time For Sex? Here’s How To Get More From Your Quickies ©iStock/puhhha

Quickies aren’t just for teenagers trying not to get caught — they’re for those busy couples who never seem to have time for sex anymore. It might not be the ideal situation, but there’s no reason you can’t get off even when you’ve gotta be out the door in 20 minutes. Here’s how to make it count:

  1. Only do it if you really need it. Don’t force it if you’re not in the mood at all. Amp up the flirting with sexy texts or a quick suggestive touch now and then. Think of it as extended foreplay. When the pressure builds until it’s too much, you’ll have an explosive quickie.
  2. Get very hands on… with yourself. You don’t have time for tons of foreplay. Take on some of the work yourself. Play with your breasts or clitoris while he’s doing his thing and you’ll orgasm faster and easier.
  3. Go straight for your best plays. Now’s not the time to try something new. Do what works best for you and him most often. You’ll enjoy it more and you’ll both get off faster.
  4. Break out the lube. Less foreplay means less natural lubrication. Keep some lube handy to use for the random quickie before you leave for work or before family comes over. Lube up and let loose.
  5. Speed up foreplay. When you only have maybe five minutes, you don’t have time for extended foreplay. Try a quick 69 or tease each other while you’re busy with other things. The less foreplay, the more time you have for the actual sex.
  6. Only take off the essentials. Forget stripping down completely. It takes too much time. If you’re really in the mood, wear a skirt and go commando. As long as everyone’s genitals are exposed, you’re as naked as you need to be for a quickie.
  7. Pick a favorite position. Skip anything complicated or less likely to work. Talk in advance about a few favorite positions and stick to those for quickies. You only have time for one. You can mix it up later when you have more time.
  8. Ease up on the expectations. Don’t stress out if you don’t get off. Sometimes, it’s just not enough for you to orgasm. The more expectations you have, the worse the quickie will be. Better quickies come from just enjoying being together for a few stolen minutes.
  9. Make sure there’s time. Nothing ruins a quickie more than constantly looking at the clock. Sure, they’re supposed to be quick, but make sure you actually have time. Set aside at least 10 minutes – five for sex and five to straighten back up. If you’re going to get fired for being late one more time, your boss isn’t going to accept “I needed sex” as a legitimate excuse.
  10. Relax and just go with it. Quit worrying about your hair or wrinkling your clothes. You obviously needed this, so relax and enjoy it. The less you stress, the easier it is to orgasm in just a few minutes.
  11. Use it as foreplay for later. Quickies don’t have to be all you do. Sometimes seeing how badly you both want each other causes you to want more later. Suddenly, you’re not as tired and plans aren’t as important. Even if you don’t get off during a quickie, it could be the perfect foreplay you need for hot, steamy sex later that day.
  12. Say what you want. Tell him how you want it. Now’s not the time to hope he gets the hint from how you writhe and moan. Say it and make it even better for both of you.
  13. Throw in some dirty talk. Need to get him going fast? Talk dirty, but just make sure you don’t say the wrong things. A few choice words set the mood and get him ready in minutes.
  14. Take control. Just taking control makes you feel more confident and makes any quickie better. Not to mention, he’ll love having you take charge of him, even if it is only for a few minutes.
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