You Might Normally Look Past These Guys, But They Actually Make The Best Boyfriends

Lots of us have gone our whole lives being told that there were some men we should stay away from at all costs. The truth, though, is that you might seriously be missing out on a great man because of your prejudices. Before you turn these guys down based on the stereotypes surrounding them, consider giving them a chance.

The Comic Nerd 

His head is constantly in a comic book, and every year he buys a ticket to attend Comic-Con. Most of these men wear their hearts on their sleeve, and you can guarantee that unlike the “cool” guy you have a crush on, these guys will be there for you when you need them the most.

The Unconventionally attractive Guy 

When we find out a top model is dating an unattractive guy, we wonder what the catch is. I don’t recommend that you date a troll under the bridge, but this kind of man grew up making up for his lack of good looks by excelling in other areas of life. Google some of most successful people in the world, and you’ll quickly see that appearance isn’t everything.

The Man Without A Car 

A man that doesn’t have a car is often a no-no for the independent woman. Who wants to meet a guy at a bus stop or pick him up at his place for a date, right? But just because a man doesn’t have a car doesn’t mean he lacks ambition. He might be paying off students loans or saving up to buy a house. Give him a chance. In six months from now, he might be the one giving you a ride everywhere.

The Overly Sensitive Shy Guy 

A man that lacks confidence is like the out-of-season dress we avoid wearing. The truth is shy guys are sensitive, caring, and will treat you better than the cocky player you keep chasing. Be patient and give him a chance to open up. You’ll be surprised how much of an interesting person he might turn out to be.

The Millennial Virgin

A sexually experienced woman might drop a 25- or 30-year-old virgin like a bad habit, but no experience means he might be open to doing things a man who’s been around the block will say no to. Plus, this means he is a disciplined person, and while there’s no guarantee that he won’t cheat on you, he’s clearly been saving himself for the right one.

The Man That Never Had a Girlfriend 

There’s a general unspoken rule that if a man is over the age of 25 and has never been in a relationship, you should run for the hills. Nobody’s perfect, and even if this guy hasn’t been so lucky in love, it doesn’t mean that he won’t be ready for an exclusive relationship.

The Overachieving workaholic 

The thought of being second place to a job is a deal breaker for some. But before you reject a workaholic, find out what his plans are. If he’s aiming for a promotion or wants to pay off debt, his habit of burning the midnight oil might come to an end soon. Plus, all that ambition might carry over into him going above and beyond to be a great boyfriend to you.

The Man That Makes Less Money Than You 

Not every man becomes an instant success early on in life, and honestly, it’s completely normal these days for a woman to make more money than her male partner. As long as he makes enough to sustain himself so you’re not paying his way through life, who cares if he’s not making six figures?

The Classic Momma’s Boy 

While you focus on how much he loves his mother, you forget to realize that he’s a catch. If he has a good relationship with his mother, chances are he’ll treat you like a princess. He cares how you feel and will defend you when the time is right because he’s grown up knowing how to treat women.

The Guy With No Sense of Fashion 

He is the guy you don’t want to be seen standing next to in public, but if that’s the worst of his problems, you can find a solution. If he isn’t overly sensitive, ask him to go shopping and pick out a few trendy outfits. You just might change his mind about his wardrobe and turn that frog into a prince.

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