Not Dating At All Is Better Than Dating The Wrong Guy

The dating world is exciting and full of potential Mr. Rights, if only we’re lucky enough to find them. Unfortunately, we come across those guys who are totally not right for us more often than not, but but date them anyway because the thought of being alone any longer, especially when there are no other prospects in sight, is too much to bear. Of course, being with a guy just because you have nothing better to do is the worst idea ever, and you’re better off alone than with one that’s wrong for you.

That time is better spent on yourself. It’s always nice when you have someone around to bring a little romance to your life, but it’s straight up unnecessary. Having a guy around is great, but being with the wrong one just takes away from time you could be spending on doing things to better yourself, which in turn actually makes you a better partner for the guy that you’re actually meant to be with.

You’ll be available if the right guy comes along. If you’re caught up with someone who you know isn’t The One, you’re not leaving any room for the right one to come in. Some of the best advice I received from a friend was to “clean out my closet” when it came to holding on to past relationship baggage, but I also feel it’s applicable here as well. When you have a sweater that you clearly don’t like anymore and you don’t plan on wearing it anymore, why would you keep it?

Breaks from dating are totally okay, and sometimes necessary. Dating can be super exhausting and sometimes when you land on one that’s OK, you figure, hey, why not coast here for a while? If you’re doing this, it’s even more of a sign that you should take a time out. It’s necessary to take a breather to reflect on yourself and re-evaluate what you really want and how you’re going to change your approach to get there.

He deserves the freedom, too. No one likes to be strung along just for the sake of something to do, and if you’ve ever been in this position, you’ll know it’s a pretty crappy place to be. Let him go, not just for your sake, but because he deserves the freedom of being available for the person that’s right for him, too.

It does more harm than good. Dating the wrong guy just adds to your list of failed relationships, so it’s normal to try and make it work even when it’s so painfully obvious it never will. Trust that by dragging it out longer than it needs to be,you’re only prolonging your own happiness (and his, even if he doesn’t realize it now).

You deserve the right guy. You deserve your own happiness so much more than you might give yourself credit for, which is why you might have ended up dating the wrong guy for longer than you should in the first place. I get it — it’s scary to be alone, especially if you’re used to companionship. But you’re going to need to be truly open to win at the game of love, and it starts by letting go of the wrong guys to leave room for the right ones to catch you.

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