It’s Not That Hard To Figure Out If A Guy Is Into You—If He’s Into You, He’ll Make It Clear

One of the worst parts of singledom is undoubtedly crushing on someone when you’re pretty sure he doesn’t like you back. The truth of the matter is actually pretty simple, even if it hurts to hear: if a guy likes you, odds are he’s going to make it pretty clear that he does. Here’s how you know your feelings are reciprocated.

He goes out of his way to text you.

What’s one of the most infuriating things about liking a guy? Waiting for him to text you. But not with this guy. Any dude who really wants to make his feelings known will get your number and he’ll use it regularly. He’s going to be assertive about chatting with you and, since it’s 2017, unabashed texting is the way to do that.

He isn’t afraid to double text either.

If he’s really determined, he won’t be afraid to break one of the scariest modern-day dating rules: the double text. Granted, he probably won’t be blowing up your phone with a stream of unanswered texts—that’s a whole different thing— but if you still haven’t answered his good morning text and he sees something funny that reminds him of you, this guy is going to take that chance and send the damn double text. He’s so brave, isn’t he?

He’s excited to do the most mundane things with you.

Yep, he’ll be jumping at trips to pick up your birth control or get milk at the grocery store. Why? Because he likes spending time with you no matter what you’re doing. Plus, he probably wants to prove to you that he’s loyal enough to do any silly little daily chore. Everyone knows a guy who goes with you to get your oil changed = boyfriend material.

Odds are, he’s always be trying to make physical contact.

Hopefully, if he’s a good guy, it’s all consensual touching. (If not, BOY, BYE.) But if he’s really into you, watch out for lowkey PDA, such as arm touching or tucking hair behind your ear. *Swoons.*

He’s always down for a sleepover after you get down to business.

Sleeping with you is obviously something he wants to do (probably a lot) but he also wants to ACTUALLY sleep with you after you do the deed. For a guy who’s really into you, the fun doesn’t end when your clothes go back on. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to spend the night or asks to spend the night at your place most of the time.

In fact, he encourages you to leave stuff at his place.

And when you do finally leave his apartment, he’ll probably encourage you to leave your toothbrush in the bathroom or some underwear in a drawer. He wants to make this official and let you know that he’s in for all that a relationship entails, and nothing screams “LTR” like leaving stuff at bae’s place.

When he’s with you, he’s with you.

He’s not checking out other girls or staring at his phone the whole time. This guy feels lucky to be with you and he’s going to make the most of that time.

He’s genuinely interested in what’s going on in your life.

When you guys go out to dinner, he doesn’t spend all night monopolizing the conversation, going on and on about municipal bonds or whatever. Yeah, you talk about him, but what he really wants to talk about is you. You’d better believe that when he asks how your day was, he actually wants to know. He probably loves knowing every detail of your day. It makes him feel more connected to you, so when he asks you to elaborate on what exactly that a-hole Jenny said during your morning meeting, don’t hold back.

You’re definitely going to meet his friends.

Not only does he think you would hit it off with his bros, but it’s likely that he wants to show you off a little bit! After all, you are a serious catch, and he probably wants his friends to see how incredible his potential GF is. Better yet, he probably knows deep down that you two are going to become a ~thing~ and he wants the guys he hangs out with and the girl in his life to get used to each other.

On the flip side, he’s be amped to meet your friends.

All the same things apply to him meeting your squad! If you’re lucky, he’ll even sit there through drinks and give your girls a “guy’s point of view” while sipping on a martini. #blessed

He actively tries to move your relationship forward.

This is the biggest one of all: he’ll tell you he wants to be with you long-term. Romantic gestures and beginning-of-relationship firsts are huge, but nothing speaks louder than him actually telling you he wants to be with you. No guessing, no games, no vague rules about maybe seeing other people—if he wants to be with you and you feel the same, it’ll actually be pretty black and white.

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