If You’re Not Ready To Go All-In, Don’t Interrupt My Greatness

It gets really frustrating when a guy comes into my life out of nowhere, acts like he likes me and does everything he can to ensure I reciprocate, and then ends up being a total waste of my time. When I meet someone new who I click with, I give them my attention because I actually want and have rom for a real relationship in my life, so it really blows when I let a guy in, only to have him either make a half-ass effort or fall off the map altogether. For now on, if he’s not ready to go all-in, don’t interrupt my greatness.

  1. I’m doing big things for myself and my life. Looking for a boyfriend isn’t my main life goal. Would it be nice to have someone? Sure, but it’s not the only thing I’m focused on. When I’m not giving my attention to a possible suitor, I’m working hard at my career, taking care of my home, living an active life, pursuing my hobbies and keeping up with my social life. I’m sick of being interrupted by guys who can’t step up to the plate.
  2. My hustle is hard, so any interruptions need to be worth it. I’m a truly busy person and I’ve always got something going on. While I’m happy to make time for finding that right guy for me, I don’t care to sacrifice my time for no reason anymore. If a guy doesn’t want the real deal or isn’t willing to come into my life in a real way, I’d rather him stay out of it completely. I’ve got crap to do.
  3. I want a guy who makes a genuine effort, the same way I do. I’m totally over having guys who make very low-key and lazy attempts at fitting me into their lives. No, I don’t want a text buddy and no, I don’t want to only come over late at night when it’s convenient for him. I want breakfasts, lunches, dinner, binge watching Netflix together, weekend adventures and the normal stuff real couples do when they’re dating. That’s how I date and I won’t accept these other lame attempts anymore.
  4. If I’m giving someone my attention, they’re pretty damn lucky. I don’t just make time for anyone anymore, especially with as much as I have going on in my life. When guys do sneak their way in there and get my attention, it’s because I genuinely see potential in them and hope that they’re actually worth it. When they turn out to be just another bonehead robbing me of the energy that I could have kept focused elsewhere, it becomes annoying AF over time, especially when I’m trying my best to avoid it.
  5. I only have time for real and genuine love in my life. I’m looking for the real deal when it comes to love, no exceptions. I’ve spent enough time casually dating, going on dozens of first dates that never progress to a second and I’ve had so many text flirtations that I’ve completely lost count. If a guy isn’t looking for the real thing, he should just admire me from afar instead.
  6. I’m a total catch and I’m done entertaining those who don’t see that. It’s completely frustrating when you know you have everything going for you and all you keep getting is guys who aren’t ready, send you mixed signals, can’t formulate a conversation to save their lives or who only want to add your name and number to their harem. No. Stop. I’m done letting this happen to me.
  7. I’d rather be focused on myself than wasting time with someone who doesn’t value me. I actually enjoy life perfectly just as it is. I’m conquering some serious goals, making amazing new connections in my social life and discovering new things about myself every day. Life is fantastic just as it is, so if a guy isn’t ready to show me some appreciation for the woman I am as he gets to know me, he shouldn’t even bother making contact at all.
  8. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve paid attention to guys like this one too many times and I’m tired of sacrificing my hustle and my focus for legitimately no reason. I’m looking for something different and in order to get there, I need to avoid the roads previously traveled.
  9. A guy needs to really step up to plate to captivate me. I’m not easily wooed anymore. I’ve had guys slide into my inbox to tell me that I’m beautiful and they’d love to take me out. I’ve had guys who send drinks over while I’m enjoying my happy hour and I’ve had guys bravely come up to me in public just to get my phone number. It takes more than words and promises to earn my trust and affections now. I need to see a genuine effort.
  10. I’m done wasting my time. I’ve been searching for love for so long without any real luck that I’m at the point now where I’m still open to finding it, but it’s not my main priority anymore. I’m working on so many other things and love would only be a happy bonus. Even though I would love to share this amazing life with someone, I won’t be sacrificing my time for just anyone.