I’m SO Not Waiting To Be Saved—10 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do For Herself

Sure, there are plenty of things I’d still rather let my guy handle, like putting the duvet back into its cover after the laundry, but every woman should be able to handle her own business—including the atypical, non-girly stuff. Here are a few things you should be able to do without a dude around to help.

  1. Change a flat tire Chances are, you’ll probably get a flat at some point in your travels. How to change it and get back on the road is something that everyone should learn. You should always keep a spare tire, bricks, wooden wedges or metal wheel chocks, a vehicle jack rated for your vehicle’s weight, flathead screwdriver, lug wrench or torque wrench (in the correct size for your wheel nuts), orange road cones (optional, but highly recommended), baby wipes, penetrating oil, a small pillow or folded towel and a craft smock (optional) in the trunk of your car so that you’re ready to go.
  2. Restart a dead car battery Continuing with the basics of car maintenance, one day you’ll come back to your vehicle, turn the key, and… nothing. Your car’s battery is dead and you’ll have to boost it. It’ll likely be freezing and/or raining and no doubt you’ll be running late already. Keep a set of jumper cables in your trunk. Even better, have a car booster pack which eliminates the need for secondary help (unless he’s cute).
  3. Reset a blown fuse If you’ve overloaded your fuse box and blow out the power, you need to reset the breaker. First, know where your pad’s circuit box is located. Unplug all the appliances in the room and open the circuit breaker box. The tripped one will be in the “off” position or in a middle position between “on” and “off.” Switching it back and forth should do the trick. See how easy?
  4. Negotiate a better deal on pretty much anything But especially items historically purchased by men, like a used car. Dealerships sometimes see women as easy targets, which is ridiculous but true. Do your homework, never pay the price on the tag, and remember the power of saying no. Don’t forget the online option; more and more people are purchasing vehicles electronically and it could be a good idea.
  5. Install and troubleshoot technology I mean the basics here. You should be able to connect your cable box to your TV, your monitor to your computer, replace the ink on your printer, update your operating system and install your antivirus software—all this kind of stuff. And when something isn’t jiving, you should generally be able to figure it out on your own. (OK, with Google’s help, so practically on your own.)
  6. Defend yourself The world is full of bad, dangerous things. Consider this preventative but absolutely critical. No one expects you to become a ninja—of course, that would be really hot if you were—but every woman should know the basics of self-defence, especially since the alarming stats reveal that one in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Most local community centers and colleges offer training on the fundamentals for free or almost free (even though it may be priceless).
  7. Travel solo If you’ve never done it, you should, and if you have, you’ll know how awesome it can be to wake up and not have to answer to anyone. Many people travel alone, so don’t feel like you’ll get to your destination and remain alone. In fact, locals and other lone rangers are more likely to approach someone who’s by him or herself versus a couple or a group.
  8. Manage your finances Now more than ever, women are gaining confidence with money and taking control of our financial futures, and rightfully so! Investing can be complicated and intimidating. Fortunately, there are plenty of groups and online communities tailored to cool gals and operated by other cool gals. Most cater to all levels, from beginner to Fiscal Super Guru. Hit them up.
  9. Survive in the woods Hopefully not for freakin’ long, but let’s say The Walking Dead becomes real, you’ll know how to make a survive-the-night shelter, find and purify water, identify edibles, remain somewhat oriented, create SOS signals, and maybe even start a fire. Just then, Michonne walks by and you two start slaying zombies like it’s nobody’s business.
  10. Give yourself an orgasm Uh, yeah. With the endlessly wonderful options in toys, erotica, and online stimulation available, self-gratification is easier than ever. Also, you don’t need to worry about pleasing anyone else. Insecurities, complications, and compromises are eliminated. Bonus: Once you know how to get yourself off best, you can share the information (or demonstrate it) to a lover. But like the rest of your amazing life, your sexual bliss is independent of your relationship status.
Diana Jordan is a Canadian writer, editor, and small business owner. When not working or spending time with her family and friends, she volunteers with seniors and adults with disabilities in her community. Diana is also a passionate sports fan and a merciless Chess player.