Nun Pulls Kissing Girls Apart During Shoot In Italy

Nun Pulls Kissing Girls Apart During Shoot In Italy Reddit/Reefs93

Two actresses filming a scene for a TV show on the streets of Naples, Italy were pulled apart by a nun who accused the women of “devilry.” Serena de Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson were filming Mare Fuori when an actual nun who was not part of the production rushed over and tried to put a stop to things.

  1. The nun had some serious words for the actresses. Clearly not realizing that she was being filmed (or knowing but not caring), the nun scolded the women and repeatedly said “he is the devil” to them. The actresses were gracious and tried to laugh it off.
  2. She left when asked, at least. Despite feeling it necessary to have her say, the nun did leave them alone when asked. “During a photoshoot in the Spanish Quarters of Naples, a screaming nun separated two models who were kissing,” Rolling Stone Italy reported. “[She said:] ‘What are you doing? It is the devil’. The video, shot by the makeup artist, has clearly gone viral. The nun left after the operators’ requests, and both the girls and those present laughed, even though there is little to laugh about.”
  3. The clip of the altercation was shared to Reddit. There, people expressed their outrage that the nun felt it appropriate to interrupt them and have her say. “Not cool at all,” one person remarked, while another added: “Absolutely abominable.” A third person commented: “Imagine seeing two people kissing and getting mad?” A fifth person was more hopeful, writing: “Imagine a time where there won’t be any more of that generation.”

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